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Mortal Enchantment - Stacey O'Neale

I thought the whole premise behind this book/series was so intriguing! And after having read the prequel, The Shadow Prince, I knew that I had to keep reading to find out what happens next.

Where The Shadow Prince is told in the point of view of Rowan, the sexy lead in this series, Mortal Enchantment is told in the point of view of Kalin Matthews, the princess of the air court. On the day where she is slated to move back to Avalon and rule with her father, elementals from the fire court are on the move and their sites are set on Kalin. Luckily for her, bad boy rogue, Rowan, saves the day and escorts her to her rightful place.

Upon their arrival, they are told the terrible news that her father is missing, and no one knows where he could be. Of course, all eyes are on the fire court. But it also seems that Kalin is not as safe as she thought she would be back in Avalon. A target is on her back, and she’s been warned not to trust any of the elementals around her.

On top of that, she finds out that she must learn how to use and harness her elemental power of air and thwart off the actions of the leader of the fire court, in order for the air court to have their time to rule. That doesn’t sound too bad, but unfortunately for Kalin, her past sixteen years were spent in the mortal realm where she did not learn how to use her magic.

Again, Rowan comes to the rescue with a promise to help her learn and control her new found powers. But can Kalin trust a rogue member of the fire court who she knows in her heart, is hiding a dark secret…one that he seems to be struggling with internally.

Mortal Enchantment by Stacey O’Neale is a fantastic story revolving around elemental mythology. It’s a story where readers will be easily captivated by the world created by Stacey O’Neale, and characters that you will definitely want to follow.

What I loved the most about this book was the multiple twists and turns found in the book, especially near the end. It definitely had be admitting that I had zero idea that that was going to happen.

The interaction between main characters Kalin and Rowan were cute and humorous at times. It was near impossible to not fall in love with these two. And the added bonus was watching their relationship build. It was sweet and endearing, especially after reading the prequel, The Shadow Prince. Reading the prequel really helps in understanding what exactly is going on with Rowan, and the horror that he had to go through. It explains a lot that is only barely touched in Mortal Enchantment, so I would totally recommend readers to check that short story out first before diving head first into book 1.

Fans of books involving magic and elemental mythology will really enjoy the first installment in the Mortal Enchantment series by Stacey O’Neale. It’s action packed and riddled with humour and witty banter. A definite must for your TBR list.



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