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Beautiful Creatures (Beautiful Creatures Series #1)

Beautiful Creatures (Beautiful Creatures Series #1) - Yesssss!!! It's finally time for me to review Beautiful Creatures one of my all time favorite novels that started an even more amazing book series. I mean seriously when you finish reading this review you better be going out to get the book or I have either; a.) failed at making such an awesome book sound so awesome or b.) you just don't find it interesting which is kinda... odd. I originally got Beautiful Creatures because I knew that for one thing it was about a boy who has dreams about a girl who he eventually ends up meeting in real life. Right there they had me. Hook. Line and sinker. Any how when I first started reading the story it's first chapter was already something that draws the reader in completely. Like you all should have noticed I'm not big about telling specific scenes but please do take my word when I say that it is a spectacular start. The story progresses at a casual pace, it doesn't get boring, it doesn't get too spectacular so that every other part just seems a bit below that one great moment. We end up learning mostly about the main character, Ethan Wate who's parents are both gone (well his Dad's still around but everybody thinks he's crazy and his Mom's dead so... pretty much alone) and his crazy ex- girlfriend has it out to get him. Cue the entrance of the totally gorgeous, intelligent and mysterious new girl who just so happens to be the girl of Ethan's dreams. Literally. Lena is definitely somebody I would like to be, she's related to the creepy guy in town that nobody really knows much about, everybody hates on her but she just laughs it off and she ends up having a boyfriend who just so happens to be Ethan. Oh, Ethan. Our leading male character who is so interested in Lena and will always be there for her, even when she pushes him away because of her personal 'issues' that happen to involve a fair bit of... I don't know... magic! Yes. I said it. Magic. As it turns out Lena's family isn't like most of the boring, traditional families in their small town of Gaetlin. She's haunted by a curse that's damned her family for past generations, and after her and Ethan find a locket they end up being brought into secrets and lies that have been hidden for years. I found it riveting the way that the two authors managed to stir up so much emotion, constantly I was thinking awww!! Ethan!! I'm so glad that this is in your POV!! since we get to really see how much he thinks about Lena. Half the time, I always wonder what's going through the male romantic character's mind and here is where we get to find out all the things that go through a man's mind, sorta. As the novel progressed I mostly enjoyed when Lena's cousin, Ridley appeared in the novel. She is one of the most memorable character's in the novel since she contrasts against most of the other character's that have been crafted in the story. She's more rebellious, more dangerous and has more sex appeal. I especially loved her lollipops that she cannot live without, of course Ridley loves them for a reason different than my own, something you will understand when you actually READ the book ;) It's full of twists and turns, secrets that end up leading into Ethan and Lena's past. All these little things that end up leading to Lena's sixteenth birthday where Ethan's world will never be the same. So many conflicts. So much romance and family issues. Definitely my cup of tea. Your even in luck since all three installments in the Caster Chronicles have been released and guess what? There's even going to be a film adaption (YESSSS!!!). Just check it out and get ready for your mind to be blown!