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Anatomy of a Single Girl

Anatomy of a Single Girl - Daria Snadowsky After reading the first novel in author Daria Snadowsky’s, Anatomy series I’ve gotta admit that I was a bit nervous to start reading. The last novel was full of sex. Like lots and lots of sex and I had to admit that I was hesitant because I didn’t really enjoy having to skim over chapters because they made me all awkward. While there still is a ton of sexual stuff I have to say that I liked Anatomy of a Single Girl more than the novel that came before it.Anatomy of a Single Girl takes place when Dominique comes home for the summer from University. She’s reunited with her best friend Amy and is currently living at home with her parents. Then she ends up meeting the broad shouldered and incredibly smart (and attractive) Guy who quickly becomes the highlight of her summer. But Dominique is still recovering from her last break-up with Wes, but Guy slowly begins to fill up the space that Wes once held in her heart. As Dominique enters her second relationship she comes to understand that what she has with Guy will not last forever and that its expiration date is when the summer is up. During the brief period of time that Dominique and Guy have together she ends up learning the difference between a real relationship and the type she has with Guy while also finding how to make peace with her break-up with Wes.I’ve already brought up how nervous I was about the novel especially since in the last novel I felt that Dominique got taken advantage of a ton of times by her boyfriend (probably because she was blinded by her emotions and all). Thankfully in Anatomy of a Single Girl Dominique is no longer the same character that she once was in the past novel, she actually says “no” when a boy tries to go too far with her and thinks situations through and stands up for what she believes in instead of twisting herself for other people. A nice change that made me like Dominique, however I will forever disagree with her freaking out on Guy for not believing that most relationships that teenagers and young adults have will last forever. Because really… hormones… and that’s coming from a teenager…In the novel Dominique and Guy still do a lot of sex and stuff, but where the last novel had a lot of graphic content I felt that Anatomy of a Single Girl really toned it down. There was more hinting at things happening and the descriptions were vague (thank gawd). Forgetting all of that stuff and getting into the plot, I think that there is a lot of character growth for Dominique and that really is what the novel focuses on ( that and Dominique suddenly wanting to do ‘it’ a lot more with Guy after one turn of events). Personally I felt that I had a lot of trouble relating with the novel during the scenes where Dominique did experience character growth. With her being in university and talking about the perils of it and the trouble that comes with boys, I was really distant from the plot. This is definitely because of my four year age difference with the main character and I’ll say right now that I don’t think high school students that are anywhere except their final year or so will be able to relate.After everything that does happen in the novel, I’m unsure if there will be a sequel but I wouldn’t be surprised if there is one. There’s still a few plot holes left open and I’m sure that a ton of fans of the series want to see them tied up.I’d recommend this series to a more mature YA crowd, readers who are looking for a teen-drama and to young readers that are experiencing young love.