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Mind Games

Mind Games - What did I love the most about Mind Games by Kiersten White? That a sister’s love has no boundaries. I adored the immense desire by both Fia and Annie to protect one another.Mind Games revolves around sisters Fia and Annie, sisters that were orphaned after a tragic accident took the life of their parents. It seems though that both Annie and Fia are a special pair. Although Annie is blind, she has the ability to foresee things that have not yet happened. It’s because of her special ability that an elite school has taken a very keen interest in her. And this is not your ordinary run of the mill school. Apparently, this is a school that molds girls with special abilities, and turns them into masters of their trade and become masters of deceit and espionage, which they then turn loose upon the world.It is at this school that Fia is classified as a Seer, and Fia is still an unknown. Blessed with the ability to never choose wrong, learn things very quickly, and is able to kick ass like no other, it seems that Fia is their secret weapon. But Fia is a firecracker, and the only thing that is keeping Fia at bay and following their orders is by threatening the life of the one person she cares the most about…her sister, Annie.With the help of the son of the leader of this little “school”, Fia learns how to deceive the gifts of those around her so that she is able to get away with some things. But whether or not Fia should trust him still remains a question.I love the fact that this story is about assassins. And not only regular assassins, but sister assassins. That in itself is awesomesauce. I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that the story jumped back and forth between past and present. It allowed me the chance to get a glimpse of how Fia and Annie got to where they were at. Not only that, but I loved how the story jumped from the point of view of Fia and Annie. I loved that it gave the reader a glimpse into the mind of each sister, and were able to see what dark secrets they were holding and it gave us an idea of what they were feeling in the moment.I also really enjoyed the fact that Fia was one tough chick who could kick some serious butt. I loved how the author, Kiersten White, allowed us to see the thought process in which Fia took to defeat her opponents. I loved all the fight scenes in the book, and I loved how each person that Fia fought was broken down into what steps were taken to take them down.With a completely original and addictive story line, and a writing style that had me hooked right from the beginning, Mind Games by Kiersten White was a book that I could not put down, and found myself totally immersed in this world riddled in espionage, deceit, and sacrifice.The ending had me yearning for more, and the characters are ones that I fell in love with instantly…yes, even the bad ones. Everything about Mind Games drew me in…from the absolutely stunning cover, to an original and captivating synopsis. Readers will fall in love with this one!