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Ultraviolet - R.J. Anderson After reading the seriously awesome description on Goodreads about a year ago, I remember always wanting to read Ultraviolet by author R.J. Anderson. It sounded scary, thrilling and creepy, but also like something in the plot would take me by surprise. Needless to say, by the time I finally got around to reading the opening chapter of the novel I was hooked and didn’t want to stop reading until I found out just what is really going on in main character Alison’s life. By the time I finished reading, I was dying to read the sequel Quicksilver (but that’s another review for another day).Ultraviolet takes place right after Alison finds herself admit to a mental institution. With a killer intro explaining how Alison must have killed a girl named Tori by making her disappear just by touching her, everybody around Alison believes that she is mentally unstable including herself. Her mother has been afraid of her since she was a kid, her doctor thinks that there is something wrong deep within Alison’s mind and Alison herself knows that it’s impossible for her to have caused Tori to disintegrate with a single touch. The moment is blurry in Alison’s mind, but slowly she begins to remember the night that Tori went missing and the truth of the matter: That she killed her somehow. Just when Alison begins to lose hope in ever being released she meets Dr. Faraday who helps her cope with her strange ability to see colors everywhere and gives her a friend just when she needs one most. Then just as everything seems to be settling down Alison experiences the impossible.I’ll admit that I’ve never read a novel with a major plot twist quite like the one found in Ultraviolet. All the hinting in the writing and descriptions never really had me thinking that there would be secrets quite like the ones that are revealed in Ultraviolet. Where I expected the supernatural I found science (whaaat?) and where I expected a twist that involved the paranormal I found science fiction (Whaaat? x2). This is definitely the type of novel that I don’t think any readers will be able to predict the twist at the plot’s conclusion. I know that I didn’t and I wouldn’t want to have it any other way. When reading Ultraviolet keeping your eyes open and taking in every detail is very important because if you miss one moment you’ll have missed everything.There’s a variety of genres in the novel but I think that a lot of people will like the suspense portion. The mystery and suspense in the novel is definitely what kept me around because I never really knew what was going to happen to Alison, but I also had my mind reeling about whether Alison did or did not disintegrate Tori. On topic of there being a ton of genres in the novel there is also some romance however it isn’t fully seen until the end. The romance is built up until the final moments of the novel where Alison and this love interest see that their time together is going to be cut short and have a few quick moments of romance until finally they are separated. Totally left me sad-faced and wishing that things could have worked out differently.Alison goes through a lot in the novel and apart from all the twists and emotions that get stirred by certain scenes, there is a wide cast of characters in the novel that I really enjoyed. There is Alison who is one of the few characters, in general, that I can actually feel genuine sympathy for. There’s also the doctors in the mental institution who all make the experience realistic and the other patients who all have their own quirks and memorable moments that leave them on your mind long after the novel’s done.I’d recommend Ultraviolet to fans of thrillers, readers who are looking for a sci-fi novel that isn’t in-your-face and those of you who are just looking for a novel that you will fall for almost instantly.