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Moonglow - Michael Griffo I’ve read the entire Archangel Academy series by author Michael Griffo and getting to read the first novel in his latest series The Darkborn Legacy I was pleased with getting to read all of his YA works so far. Where the Archangel Academy series focuses on vampires, the novel Moonglow is one that focuses on a different part of the YA supernatural spectrum: Werewolves. Werewolves? You heard right werewolves. I was ready to start reading and I wanted to know just what lengths Dominy and her friends would go to, to cure her of her lycanthropy.Moonglow takes place in the first person and focuses on the life of main character Dominy Robineau who on the night of her sixteenth birthday discovers that she is cursed to become a werewolf on the night of every full moon. Before discovering her curse, Dominy’s life seems almost perfect. She has the best boyfriend ever, a great best friend (who has an obsession with all things Japanese) and a circle of friends that would do anything for her. When Dominy’s sixteenth birthday arrives she wakes up the following day in the woods with her best friend Jess’s mauled corpse and comes to the only logical conclusion: She killed her best friend. Dominy’s friends as well as her father all work to help her discover how to end the curse that is ruining her life. All the answers Dominy has been getting lead up to a Native American woman named Luba, a vengeful woman who cursed Dominy’s father for killing the man she loved.What I really enjoyed most about Moonglow was the powerful prologue that starts the novel. It introduces the reader to the curse that is going to plague Dominy for the rest of the novel and it also left me thrilled and excited to read more. I was hoping that the novel would keep that pace, but when Dominy wasn’t a werewolf and trying to kill everything in sight, I felt like every other chapter that involved Dominy and her friends focused more on petty high school drama than the actual problem at hand. There was a variety of characters in the novel and I do think that a lot of people will find somebody that they can relate to in the novel. With those characters also came a lot of different personalities and I have a prediction about the characters Nadine and Napoleon.However there were a few things that had me irked. The first being that there is a bit of racism in the novel towards Luba and while I do understand that everybody would be upset at her cursing Dominy I found it unnecessary and that it took away from the plot. The second being that listening to the teenaged characters talk was getting me upset, I’m a teenager myself and I know what teenagers sound like when we talk and we don’t sound as immature as the ones portrayed in the novel. The third thing was that I felt like a lot of characters in the novel weren’t taking anything seriously (except for Dominy’s father) and that led to the plot feeling like it didn’t have as much depth as it could have. Also, I felt like there was a full moon every second day… when there’s usually only one full moon a month on Earth (unless it’s a blue moon situation).I hope that in the sequel to the novel all the loose ends will be tied up and that Dominy might be able to catch a break (she definitely deserves one). Maybe there will even be a second potential love interest added to the mix just to shake things up a bit and test her relationship? Just some things that I would want to see. I would recommend Moonglow to fans of the YA werewolf scene and to readers who have read Michael Griffo’s past works.