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The Boys of Summer (Summer, #1)

The Boys of Summer (Summer, #1) - C.J. Duggan The Boys of Summer by C.J. Duggan was a book that played with my emotions in all the ways I hoped it would. I was giddy like a school girl and felt my heart break along side Tess’. It was a movie that played out in my mind that I would love to have on a constant loop.With summer vacation just around the corner, Tess McGee is counting down the days to finally being free of the jerks at school who make her life a living hell. Having to go through the ordeal of the antics of a scorned ex-boyfriend, where his sole role in life is make her dread every day of school.But instead of relaxing at the beach or at the lake, Tess has been coerced by her two best friends, Ellie and Adam, to get a summer job working at the Onslow hotel in the restaurant. Determined to make this summer one that she’ll enjoy with her friends, Tess reluctantly agrees to join them. Unfortunately, due to an unfortunate pool table incident, Adam sustains a broken arm, and is shipped out of town to his grandmother’s home in the city as punishment. Well, at least Tess has Ellie to help her pass the time…until she meets the Onslow boys.A crew of hot twenty something boys who are regulars at the Onslow pub, Tess only has eyes for one. One Toby Morrison. Tess has been crushing on Toby since the seventh grade, and for some reason that Tess can’t understand, Toby seems to noticing her.Will Tess’ summer be filled with memories that she’ll remember forever, or will it be filled with regrets that she’ll never forgive herself for?The Boys of Summer by C.J. Duggan is one of those books where once you start reading the first few pages, there’s absolutely no way that you’ll be able to tear yourself away. I ended up living, breathing, dreaming this book! It didn’t hurt that the description of pretty much all these Onslow boys were drool worthy, but Tobias (aka Toby) was a character that I yearned to know more about.It could have something to do with his brooding ways, but a lot had to do with his quirky humor and this smile that could apparently stop traffic. As I was reading, and a description of his “white smile” would come up, I would hear a “ding” in my head, and swoon over this smile that I could only try to imagine.The chemistry between Tess and Tobias is one that you can’t help but get swept up in. I love reading stories where readers get to witness the development of something so special and sweet. Author, C.J. Duggan does a bang on job of getting into teen mode and really brought out the fact that Tess was seventeen years old, with her writing. The questions that Tess would have, and the inner monologue all helped solidify the fact that although there is mature subject matter in this book, the main character is that of a teenage girl, and C.J. Duggan does a fantastic job in giving her a voice that is real.I totally felt for Tess when I had to witness the stupidity of her ex, Scott (whom I lovingly nicknamed Douche) and how he would get under her skin. Never mind the fact that she has to go through the torment of having to hear his ridiculous nickname for her (Tic Tac Tess) on a daily basis, but when he had to go and make it so public at the Onslow? Ugh, I wanted to smack him upside the head, and throw my arms around Tess.And hello? How awesome is Sean? I mean, even after our the first encounter with the Onslow boys, and we see just how funny and how awesome Sean’s personality is, he goes and takes it a step further by sticking up for Tess while at a party when she is confronted by some high school jerks. As soon as that scene cut, I declared to the air (because no one was around at the time) that Sean is my hero!I also really loved the solidness of Tess’, Ellie’s, and Adam’s friendship. Although there are some points where the friendship is a little rocky, I loved how they were able to fix their wrongs and become even stronger as friends.Fans of New Adult reads and stories of young love and coming of age will completely fall in love with The Boys of Summer by C.J. Duggan. If you’re looking for a story that will have you literally laughing out loud, and swooning ‘til the cows come home, pick up a copy of this amazing read and fall in love with the story of Toby and Tess.