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Sacred - Elana K. Arnold Sacred by Elana K. Arnold was a tough read in the beginning. Not because it wasn’t good! But because the subject and emotions that were found in those first chapters was heartbreaking.Scarlett and her family are still struggling with the death of her older brother, Ronny. After an unexpected cerebral aneurysm in the middle of a soccer game, the sudden loss becomes unbearable to this family. With a mother who is barely living, locking herself in the bedroom self medicating herself with sleeping pills to ease her pain, a father who is trying to keep the peace, and Scarlett who has chosen to harm herself in order deal with the loss.The thing is, Scarlett knows what she’s doing is bad for herself. She can’t even bear to look at herself in the mirror, but all she knows now is emptiness and feeling hollow. Her only escape is riding. To feel while riding her horse along the trails. And it’s on these same trails that Scarlett comes across Will. Scared and alone on the trail, Will’s demeanour is anything but normal.But Scarlett soon learns that Will was not just some random tourist whom she will never see again. It seems Will and his after have recently moved to Catalina Island to escape a secret of their own. Scarlett instantly feels this pull towards Will, and it seems Will feels the same way. Time and time again, Will plays the part of the hero, and rescues Scarlett time and time again. Little does Scarlett realize that Will also seems to be saving her from herself.When I first started reading Sacred by Elana K. Arnold, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I was instantly pulled in by the emotional and powerful writing style of author, Elana K. Arnold. The way in which she describes the after effects of Ronny’s death, and talks about just how much the loss is slowly tearing everyone apart. With her descriptive writing, it was easy enough to get completely immersed in the Catalina Island. Because of the beautiful description of the scenery and way of life for the locals, I am even more curious in wanting to visit and experience everything I read for myself.The characters found in the book are ones that I’m sure readers will be able to relate to, regardless of the subject matter. It was really interesting to witness Scarlett’s struggles with her eating, and it was equally wonderful to read just how much support she has in the background…especially with a now non-existent mother. And can I just say that I want my very own Lily! She is a totally awesome best friend, and pretty much embodies just what a best friend should be. Totally supportive, constantly looking out for Scarlett’s well being, not being overly pushy, and knowing what to say and day for whatever situation arises.And don’t even get me started on Will. With the story containing a somewhat supernatural element, Will is one character that was so great to follow. A sexy hero in waiting. And the way he deals with Scarlett? How sweet he is, how attentive, and how he is always at the right place at the right time. There’s no way that anyone could NOT fall for Will.With a very contemporary subject matter and a dash of supernatural, readers will fall in love with the story of Scarlett and Will, the hurtles that they both must jump, and the way in which they both find each other during a dark time, and during time where they need each other the most.