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Things I Can't Forget

Things I Can't Forget - Miranda Kenneally Things I Can’t Forget by Miranda Kenneally is another hit in her Hundred Oaks series. Where the first two books in her series revolved around some sort of sport, in Things I Can’t Forget the setting is at a summer camp where main character, Kate, is one of the camp counselors.Kate is very much into her religion and faith in God. She abides by the Ten Commandments, does what’s right and lives a life that make her parents proud. But after her best friend becomes pregnant, Kate does what she does best and helps her out by paying for some of the fees associated with getting an abortion. And it’s her involvement in the abortion that has her condemning herself to a life of sin. Kate feels that if she can’t forgive herself, who else will?Her final summer before heading off to college, Kate decides to become a counselor at Cumberland Creek summer camp. Where Kate is expecting a time of faith and reflecting, but instead finds herself surrounded by fellow counselors and acquaintances that are doing things that are absolutely sinful in Kate’s eyes. And it’s a fellow counselor named Matt who grabs Kate’s attention.Kate has known Matt since they went to this camp when they were little. He was her first love and kiss, and she has never really forgotten him. And it seems that Matt hasn’t forgotten her as well. While Kate experiences new feelings towards Matt that she feels are against all that she believes in, she also learns some new things about herself…and perhaps learns some new things about the very person she is falling in love with.Okay, so Things I Can’t Forget by Miranda Kenneally is totally different from the other two books that she has written in this series. Oh yes, fuzzy feeling will be had. You will find yourself smirking at the pages like a smirking machine. You will awww and gasp at all the right moments. You will find yourself totally immersed into the lives of not only main character, Kate, but with the lives of all the different characters in this book.But you will also feel the sadness and inner struggle that Kate has as she fights her own personal demons. We watch as she steps outside of her comfort zone and learns and grows into the person she will be. She starts to take chances, opens her heart, and learns some new things about herself. She also comes to understand what her best friend must have gone through when she was in love.I was irritated with Kate for her decisions when dealing with her feelings for Matt. She irritated me to no end when she would judge the other counselors at the camp for what they do on their own time. But I did understand the importance of her faith, and how vital it was for her that God forgive her for her part in her darkest moment. And it’s because of this inner struggle, I was able to forgive her judging ways because it only made the events that unfold only that more … memorable.And omg Matt! He is just so amazing! Seriously, I want a Matt of my very own. His patience and gentle ways when dealing with Kate made me fall hard for this male lead. Little things that he would do or say brought smiles to my face constantly. And there were moments where he brought tears to my eyes.And let’s not forget the awesomeness that is the reunion with past characters in the series. It just made the whole experience that much more unforgettable. An unforgettable and thought provoking read that will leave readers breathless.