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Open Heart

Open Heart - Emlyn Chand Book 2 of the Farsighted series by Emlyn chand, Open Heart, was a perfect follow up to book 1. It was wonderful to be reunited with this cast of characters, and will admit that I really enjoyed this one more than the first. Although it does contain a subject matter that is all too real, author Emlyn Chand does a fantastic job in incorporating the difficulties in eating disorders in Open Heart.Open Heart basically continues on from near where book one, Farsighted, left off. Simmi and Alex are now a couple and are delving ever closer to love territory. Alex remains this sweet, though very clingy, boyfriend to Simmi, and for some reason, Simmi doesn’t seem to reciprocate these feelings.Having to deal with her disgust with her body, her lack of self-esteem has her careening down a dark and dangerous road, and it seems that per gorging and purging is the only thing that is making her feel somewhat happy. But with Alex’s incessant hate for Dax, who now lives with him, Alex’s animosity rolls off him in waves. And Simmi being a Clairsentience, hiding feelings from her is near impossible.But when Dax starts to show some interest in Simmi, and they start to delve further into their feelings, Simmi not only has to deal with the strain of her relationship with Alex, but it seems that it also affects her relationship with her bestfriend, Shapri.As with the Farsighted, I completely devoured this second installment in the Farsighted series. Author, Emlyn Chand, once again shows just how fantastic an author she is, and how well she can capture a reader’s attention.It was so difficult to have to have to bear witness to poor Simmi and her insecurities. I was truly sad for her to think that the only way she can be happy is to have a size 7 figure and she was constantly doubting the affections of others. And when she started going down the dark road of an eating disorder, I was hoping against hope that her family and friends would open their eyes and see just how destructive Simmi’s behavior was becoming.I found the times between Alex and Simmi to be very sweet, though somewhat stifling. I don’t think I would have survived as long as Simmi had if I had an Alex who was constantly grabby and needing to show PDAs all the time. And I think I would have flipped my lid if he insisted on joining the drama play because of his hatred for Dax. I kept thinking to myself, “Buddy, if you trust your girl, lay off! You’re suffocating her. Let her enjoy her drama rehearsal!” But then Alex goes and does something so sweet like stick up for Simmi’s honor.But then we have Dax. The thorn in everyone’s side. I understand the fiasco that happened in book one, and I can see where people can be hesitant when it came to him, but my heart did go out to the guy. I can only imagine how lonely he could be having been ousted by his own parents, and forced to live under the same roof as Alex who can’t stand him. But when it came to Simmi, this romantic, sweet side of him came out and in all honesty, I would have fallen for him too.I recommend Open Heart to fans of book one in this series, Farsighted and to fans of reads involving supernatural powers. I’m curious to see what happens in the next books in this series! Emlyn Chand has created a cast of characters that finds their way to your heart and mind.