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Midwinter Blood

Midwinterblood - Marcus Sedgwick Midwinterblood by Marcus Sedgwick was a book that had me up in the middle of night, well after finishing it. It is a love story that truly transcends time, and in the end was one of the most romantic reads I’ve read.I will admit, when I first started reading Midwinterblood, I was confused. It starts off with journalist, Eric Seven heading over to the land of Blessed to investigate a unique flower called The Blessed Dragon Orchid which is rumored to have the ability to extend life and has the ability to heal. But his time on the island is not what he expected, especially when he lays his eyes on one of the islanders, Merle. Eric can’t quite put his finger on it, but he feels as though he has known Merle before, and the things that they do together come to him as a strong case of Déjà vu. Not only that, but as the days go by, Eric’s memory and thoughts seem to become fuzzy and non-existant.But once his reporter skills kick in, he heads towards an unmarked area of island, and chances upon a church. And it’s the events at this church that begins the seven different stories found in Midwinterblood by Marcus Sedgwick, and had me reeling until the very end.The stories in Midwinterblood start at a more present day, and as the next story starts, it goes back in time. The reader is reunited with the various characters in the book, but in a different time, in different circumstances, and possibly, with a different variation of their name. I will admit that the first few stories we are bit ho-hum for me, but as I progressed through the book, I couldn’t stop.I was so intrigued to see where this next time and place would lead me, and what sort of events would transpire! You see, each individual tale has a little event or discovery that is explained in one of the following stories. For example, one of the stories follows a group of architects during a dig on Blessed Island looking for Viking burial grounds. A chance tip from an observer leads them to the right direction, and they discover a burial ground with the skeletons of an adult and of a child. It’s not until a few stories later that the identity of the skeletons is revealed, and it was an “ohhhhhh” moment for me. That’s the sort of thing that had me hooked. It was like mini mystery discoveries, as you progress through the book.Where the ending of the first story left me with a “WTF is going on” feeling, the ending left me breathless with a bit of an ache in my heart. Fans of undying love and devotion, stories of reincarnation and soul mates, Midwinterbood by Marcus Sedgwick is the book for you.