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Hourglass - Myra McEntire I’ve been really eager to read the Hourglass series for quite some time now. I expected a lot of things from the novel and had very high expectations since I have read a few reviews that said it was simply amazing, though I have to admit that Hourglass stirred a lot of mixed emotions in me. Having only read the synopsis on Goodreads before reading the novel, I expected the novel to be somewhat like Clockwise where it was just strictly time-travel. And not a mix of X-men and romance—which is what I got from Hourglass.If there is one thing I absolutely loved about the novel it was the way author Myra McEntire wrote the beginning of the novel. I personally loved the opening chapter because it introduced us to both the main character Emerson Cole’s life, but also to her amazing ability. We see that Emerson can see people from the past and if she touches them they just…disappear. However, since a tragic accident, Emerson has been able to do this and now her family believes that she is losing her mind. That alone had caught my attention, but it turns out that those people from the past are “rips” or “ripples”. Since Emerson is thought insane, her older brother has hired multiple people to try and fix her and finally he hires Michael who works for the Hourglass.Since we are on topic of Michael I have to admit that he was absolutely amazing as a character and as a romantic interest. He makes me think of the song One Thing. Yes I know, totally random, but the way he treated Emerson had me thinking of the fact that because of his relationship with her being strictly client-patient he can’t ever be with her romantically. Myra McEntire did an amazing job at showing the way that Michael not only cared for Emerson, but how he was willing to do just about anything to keep her safe. Not to mention that Michael held an aura of mystery and danger that I found pretty hard to resist. As if there wasn’t enough romance already however, McEntire introduced a type of love triangle between Michael, Emerson and Kaleb. While I personally didn’t like Kaleb as a character (he came off as a perv), I also don’t really think that the story really needed a love triangle but oh well.The Hourglass itself was a place that I found really interesting. It reminded me a lot of (and I’m a nerd for saying this) the X-men since it’s a place full of people with outstanding abilities that set them apart from the rest of humanity. And apparently getting your abilities is genetic *cough* X-men *cough*. Though, the most memorable part of the Hourglass for me, was a conversation between two of the characters where it was an argument over who was the better superhero, Batman or Superman. That had me laughing out loud and it managed to be my most favorite part of the entire story.All in all, I do think that Hourglass went into the origins of all the characters a little bit too much and had a lot of room to be a bit longer, but I am looking forward to reading the sequel Timepiece. I would recommend this to fans of X-men type novels (is there a genre for this?), time-travel and YA readers who want a romantic read.