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Emblaze - Jessica Shirvington Author, Jessica Shirvington, has done it again with the third installment to The Violet Eden series. I could not tear my eyes away from this unforgettable follow up to Entice.In Emblaze, we bear witness to the pain and torment that both Violet and Lincoln go through by denying what their souls want…to be able to finally be together. We painfully watch as these two lovebirds fight what is meant to be. It was heartbreaking to watch Violet yearn for the love she so wants from Lincoln, and it’s equally heartbreaking to watch Lincoln distance himself from Violet more and more.With Phoenix presenting himself as the “big bad”, and with his absolute desire to obtain the Scripture that will call forth Lilith, Violet and Phoenix have multiple confrontations with a battle of “who is sneakier than the other”. It also seems that Violet’s father has decided to take a more permanent roll in Violet’s life meaning things have just gotten a whole lot more difficult for Violet.With an ultimate battle in the wings, Violet has so many choices that she needs to make. Choices that will affect her life, the lives of her family and friends, and the ones she loves the most.Emblaze by Jessica Shirvington ripped my heart out and stomped on it repeatedly. When I thought things were going to finally be as it should be, something would happen that would throw everything out the window. My heart went out for Violet. Her many attempts in trying to convince Lincoln that they belong together were gut wrenching, and had me praying to the book plot gods that she can finally find some sort of happiness in her life.With her powers becoming stronger and stronger every day, her love for Lincoln grows just as strong. After the Scooby gang manages to decipher what the Scripture says, they work around the clock trying to concoct a plan that will thwart the evil plans that Phoenix has.Oh Phoenix… I was just getting over my crush on this ultimate bad boy in the beginning of the book, when Jessica Shirvington writes a chapter that is in the point of view of Phoenix himself, and OMG you guys…I fell for him all over again! I love, love, loved that chapter. We are treated to how Phoenix’s mind was working upon his first encounter with Violet. The inner conflicts he had about his feelings towards her. Argh! It was so epically epic. I would say that if there is one part that you just HAVE to read in Emblaze, it would have to be this little “confession time” that Phoenix has.For some reason, I know that I’m supposed to be falling harder for Lincoln in Emblaze. With his brooding and a love that just cannot be scenarios, but I found myself getting annoyed with him and his attitude…and it progressively got worse as the book wore on. I understand that there’s a reason why he and Violet need to distance themselves, but buddy! Have a little heart! This poor girl is pouring her heart out to you and you can’t even offer up a smile! Pffft!BUT author, Jessica Shirvington, toys with my emotions yet again when she writes this totally romantic scene where all it took was a paragraph. A verbal diarrhea of words that had me teary eyed and dismissing all the negative thoughts I had towards Lincoln. Oh Ms. Shirvington, how you toy with my heart!And don’t even get me started on the cliff hanger ending! I have so much I want to say about Violet’s attitude regarding the events that unfolded, but to do so would most definitely be such a spoiler, that I’m positive I would never be forgiven.In summation, Emblaze is a book riddled with love… a soul mate’s love, a father’s love, a best friend’s love, and a love that was hidden so deep, that the truth of it will totally shock the socks off of you.