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All Men of Genius

All Men of Genius - Lev A.C. Rosen All Men of Genius by Lev A.C. Rosen is a wonderful steampunk read with a Shakespearean twist. A story of a young girl’s aspirations for equality for woman.Violet Adams’ dream since she was a young girl was to go to Illyria College to study alongside other genius’ in the field of science. Unfortunately for her, this elite college accepts only male students, and Violet has decided to take it upon herself to find a way to gain access into this school and prove to all that she too is a genius and belongs within the walls of this prestigious school.So how does Violet go about accomplishing her dream? By posing as her twin brother, Ashton, and fooling her friends, the professors, and the duke of Illyria that she is a man. With the help of her brother Ashton, and their good friend, Jack, who coincidently also will be attending Illyria AND becomes Violet’s roommate, the plan goes off without a hitch. After successfully gaining access into the school as Ashton, Violet must keep up her hoax. She also develops an idea in which she will show her true self at the end of the year Science Fair when she presents her project for all to see.With Violet’s need for secrecy and being surrounded by an all-male environment, it is without a doubt that hilarity will ensue and that there would be many opportunities in which her guise could be discovered. Especially with the dukes cousin, Cecily, developing strong feelings towards Violet/Ashton and with Violet developing some sort of feelings towards the duke, Ernest, himself.All Men of Genius by A.C. Rosen was such an enjoyable read. The characters were easily likeable, and though the storyline may not be that original, the story itself was fun to read. Not only was it about Violet’s need to keep her secret, but also revolved around the mystery surrounding Illyria was a fun element in the story. With the different encounters that Violet and her group of friends come across in the school’s basement, it was that aspect of the story that kept me hooked.There was so much blackmailing going on it was making my head spin, but it was also what kept the story interesting. I was constantly kept wondering how Violet would be able to keep up her ruse, especially when feelings were starting to surface all over the place.I really enjoyed the way in which the author introduced the backgrounds of the main characters in the story. Stories within the main storyline. I alsoreally enjoyed the action and pacing near the end of the book. It was so exciting and I loved how the author jumped from one character to the other, letting the reader know what each character was going through at the particular time.Of all the characters in the book, my favorite had to be Violet’s twin brother Ashton. Although he’s not found when the stories revolve around the escapades in the school, the parts where Violet and her friends spent their time with Ashton were my favorite. His attitude and personality was so fun and I couldn’t get enough of him.Fans of steampunk, Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, and the movie Who’s The Man (which I personally think is such a fun movie!) will really enjoy All Men of Genius.