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The Shadow Society

The Shadow Society - The Shadow Society by Marie Rutkoski was a read that quickly captured my attention. Main protagonist, Darcy Jones, can’t remember how she ended up at the front of a fire station at the age of 5. She doesn’t remember her past, she doesn’t remember her parents, she can’t remember who she was…Her life hasn’t been easy either. Moving from foster home to foster home, group home to group home, Darcy knows what it’s like to start all over again. But this time will be different. Her current foster mother, Marsha, has agreed to continue having Darcy under her care, which means Darcy doesn’t have to make new friends! She can stay at the same school, and feel normal for once.But this school year already promises to be different with the appearance of a new student, Conn. After being made partners for an English project, things between Darcy and Conn start to heat up, until truth about Conn’s appearance and who he really is comes to light. The life that Darcy thought she knew is nothing like she thought it was. Darcy is not exactly…human. She is what is known as, a Shade. One who is able to ghost (disappear) at will, who exist only in another dimension, and who are considered murders and hated by all humans.With the options presented to her by the IBI (Interdimensional Bureau of Investigation) and by her own people in the Shadow Society, Darcy is playing a dangerous game of who’s side is she’s on. When she discovers a plot that will kill many, Darcy must find a way to keep everyone (both Shade and human) safe…but how? With a whole new way of life, Darcy is not quite sure who she can trust, and who she can trust her heart to.When I started reading The Shadow Society, I was quickly absorbed into this world created by author, Marie Rutkoski. I really enjoyed the way in which she introduced us to the world of the Shades, and how Darcy comes to learn what, or who, she is. I enjoyed the early moments between Conn and Darcy. Moments that were cute and made you smile and witness two people falling for each other…until that dream is RIPPED right out of ya! One moment I’m all “awwww this is such a sweet scene”, and not a moment later *BAM!*, the author throws you against a brick wall with some unravelling news. And it’s at this point where I was like “What the heck is going on here?”.And it’s at this moment of surprise where things start to get interesting in the book. Within these pages is a tale filled with action and some mystery. I was constantly wondering what was going to happen next, and who would reveal a new shock moment. But then there are moments where I wasn’t quite sure what was going on! One moment I was following the story and am one with the moment, and then all of a sudden, the story goes off on a different tangent…and I was left behind. Then it turned into a game of catch up and trying to figure out how I ended up from point “A” to point “B”.The sudden changes in the events also didn’t sit well with me, or rather the follow up to a sinister scheme. At one point, we find out that a certain someone is really out for one thing, and wants more with Darcy. But when his affections are kicked to the curb, we see a whole different side to him…well, more like a glimpse really. We don’t really get to see how Darcy’s decision affects him. I wanted to see more of this evil that is brewing up deep inside, but instead, he just disappears.I will admit that there were a few sweet and tender moments between Conn and Darcy, and I loved seeing this soft side of Conn. It reminded me of the drawing scene in Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. I really loved the chemistry between these two characters, but I found Conn to be too hot and cold. I understand his inner struggles within himself, but still…All in all, I did enjoy The Shadow Society. It was different, the world created was one that I would love to continue to be absorbed into, and characters that may (or may not) grab your attention. A strong start that kind of tapered off for me in the end, but still worth the read.