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Mystic City

Mystic City - Another Romeo & Juliet type tale that I absolutely devoured. Set in a Dystopian world where the aristocrats rule the world, and people born with mystic abilities are shunned to a life of hiding or live a life of not really living. And what better than to have one of aristocratic birth and a mystic who is part of the rebels fall hopelessly in love with each other. But don’t even begin to think that it’s that easy. Oh no, dear readers…Aria awakes to a life that she can’t remember. An upcoming marriage to a man that she doesn’t even remember falling in love with, especially since her family, the Roses, and Thomas’ family, the Fosters, have been feuding for generations. And then to wake up to the fact that both families are elated with the upcoming union. Racking her brain for little signs that will help rekindle the memories of this love that both she and Thomas have for each other…until she finds a locket with a note containing just one word … “remember”. Not like it helps jog her memory, but it does ignite a fire in Aria to find answers.And where else to start but at her betroths of course. As with every strong female character (of late), Aria risks her safety and ventures forth to Thomas’ home to try and find some answers, and perhaps to have him help her remember their love. But before she gets even close to his home, she is confronted and attacked by a group of mystics. Enter Hunter. A mystic who has not been drained and so is not legally registered. Hunter…the same mystic who saves her life by using these very mystical powers to thwart the attackers. Hunter…who I absolutely crushed on in Mystic City. He reminded me of every bad boy/good boy/leading male in so many books. He’s mysterious and sweet, and we are allowed glimpses of his shy side, and his romantic side.It’s from this encounter that Aria now can’t seem to stay away from him. She goes out to try and find him various times (much to the dismay of her parents). And who wouldn’t blame her? If Hunter had saved me from an attack, I wouldn’t want him to leave my side either. But slowly, little pieces of the puzzle come together, and we see that the life Aria thinks she knows, may not be what she really knows. And it’s with the help of the mystics that finds out the truth about her family, the Fosters, and Hunter.Although the Romeo & Juliet, star-crossed lovers thing seems to coming out of the woodwork lately, I just don’t get tired of it. I love stories involving forbidden romance. And Mystic City is definitely one that is worth the read. The world created by author, Theo Lawrence, is a world like no other. A world where magic exists. I would have to agree that Mystic City is an X-men meets Romeo & Juliet. I don’t know where the Hunger Games part comes in to play though…At any rate, the characters found in Mystic City are ones that readers will not easily forget. I mean, what up with Aria’s father! In my mind he was a big mafia boss type guy who would do anything to keep his secrets safe…even if it cost him his daughter. And Thomas? When I first met him in the story, I was thinking “Oh yah, he’s great…and it’s gonna turn out to be a love triangle…”. NOPE! He’s a jerk with only one agenda…power…hence the union between his family and Aria’s. Aria’s friends are nice enough, but I really couldn’t stand them. They seemed fake and boring, and reminded me of just your typical upper class snobs that you see in the movies. But the mystic characters? Those ones I did like. They all had a personality of their own. They seems more alive. With a diverse set of characters, readers will surely find ones that they can either relate to, or enjoy reading about.With the various twists, turns, and gasp worthy scenes, Mystic City by Theo Lawrence, is one story that you will not get enough of. I recommend this book to fans of Romeo & Juliet and X-men. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next installment!