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Time Between Us

Time Between Us - Tamara Ireland Stone Straight after reading what Time Between Us by author Tamara Ireland Stone was about (and after seeing all the extremely positive reviews) I was dying to get reading! I mean, it sounded like the Time Travelers Wife mixed with all the YA goodness I love. I bet you’re wondering if it’s as awesome as it sounds and as awesome as I am building everything up to be and the honest answer is this: It’s pretty freaking awesome if I do say so myself.Time Between Us is the story of main character Anna Greene who lives in 1995 and (oh snap, son!) that was way before this reviewer was born. Did I enjoy the blast from the past? Oh yeah especially since at multiple times I was thinking “why don’t you just use… like an IPhone or something?” and then remembered that I wasn’t reading a novel set in the present day. Back on track—Anna is running on the track one day when she sees a boy watching her and moments later he literally vanishes from her sight.After that, Anna encounters the boy who had been watching her—Bennett – and soon falls in love with him, but not after he saves her life. Anna quickly learns Bennett’s dark secret… that he is a time traveler from 2012 and that he cannot stay in 1995 for much longer. Anna and Bennett encounter the problems that come from dating somebody out of their time periods, stretch the limits and laws of time itself and the basic challenges of teenage life.As I said before, the novel is set in 1995 and I know for a lot of people that could be a bit scary. I know for kids my age, because it’s set in the past, there is the idea of “oh my god, what if they start talking about discos or dinosaurs the life before cellphones and stuff? I totally won’t relate.” Not to worry my young friends, you actually kind of forget that the novel is even set in 1995 because the author doesn’t overuse it, she doesn’t say in every chapter “oh by the way, the year is 1995”. She just implies it through the setting and uses it with the times and dates of certain events.The romantic interest in the novel, Bennett, was a guy that I personally felt should have had a lot more spine than the MC, Anna. Throughout the plot, Bennett constantly tells Anna why time travelling is dangerous and why he cannot always use his abilities to change what fate had intended. Anna easily causes him to pushover and uses his abilities to her advantage, did I believe that Anna was using Bennett? At times, absolutely! Do I think that if a future novel is produced that Bennett should put his foot down a few times and tell her to shut her face and listen to the guy who travels through time? Hells yes!I would recommend Time Between Us to fans of either the novel or the movie for Time Traveler’s Wife but want a YA twists and to those of you who lived through the 90′s and want to be sent back in time. Readers will definitely fall in love with the world that Ireland Stone has created.