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Who I Kissed

Who I Kissed - Janet Gurtler Death by a kiss? I can’t even imagine the scenario that plays out in Who I Kissed by Janet Gurtler.Moving to a new town and starting at a new high school is stressful enough. No friends, having to start over, having the spot light constantly on you. So not fun for main character, Samantha. So where does one go to meet new people, make new friends? Why, at a party of course! Unfortunately, this party is not one that ends in a happy ending. After watching her crush, Zee, make out with someone else, Sam does something that I’m sure she thought was harmless. Kiss a boy to make the other jealous. Unfortunately, that boy is Alex…sweet, funny Alex. Unfortunately, Alex has a really bad allergy to peanuts. And more unfortunate, Sam ate a peanut butter sandwich before heading to the party. Alex goes into Anaphylactic shock and dies.Now, not only is she the new girl, she’s the new girl who killed a boy with a kiss. So now, not only did she just escape the social pariah that she was at her old school, where rumours were flying around that she was a lesbian, she has now become a social outcast at her new school. Seriously depressed, Sam’s father has her starting to see a psychiatrist to help her deal with the issues she’s going through. Her father is worries about her wellbeing and upset that she has given up the one thing that she has constantly found solace in…swimming, and is trying to help her in his own way, but sometimes, a mother’s touch is irreplaceable. Unfortunately, Sam’s mother passed away when she was very young, and the only womanly advice Sam gets is from her eccentric Aunt Allie.Sam must now face the entire school knowing that she is to blame for Alex’s death. And not only does the school blame her, but Sam blames herself. And in order to heal, she needs to confront the very people that have hurt the most from all of this. But will she have the strength to endure the pain and ridicule she receives at school?I thoroughly enjoyed Who I Kissed. And props for a Canadian author! Woot woot! Who I Kissed took me on an emotional rollercoaster ride. I was sad for Sam and the others who were affected by the death of Alex. I was scared for Sam when she went back to school and had to face her classmates after this horrible incident. I was happy for Sam during certain events, and I was angry for different decisions that she made. With so many emotions flying out at me while reading this book, you know that the book is pretty fantastic when one gets so emotionally involved.Author, Janet Gurtler, has opened up my eyes to the seriousness of peanut allergies. It solidified to me the seriousness of this allergy. And to have Gurtler portray this allergy in the way that she did in Who I Kissed, I’m sure it will open up the eyes of many more readers. The characters in Who I Kissed all had their own personalities, some of which you can’t help love, and others you can’t help but despise. The situations that happen in the book were very thought provoking and I know that anyone who reads Who I Kissed will walk away with something that they will not forget.