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Dark Star

Dark Star - Bethany Frenette If you’re anything like me (and by that I mean addicted to the superhero worlds that reside within Marvel and DC) then just reading the synopsis of Bethany Frenette’s novel Dark Star was enough to spark your interest and give you goosies. The exact same thing happened to me. In my mind, when I finished reading the synopsis, the first thing that came to mind was: “So you’re meaning to tell me that this novel is about a girl with a Superhero mother who fights demons, has an attractive sidekick, and that the main character has enough power within herself to save the city? You had me at Superhero.” Hopefully, you’re thinking that too and if you aren’t you can pretend that the above was your own thought. But I, personally, was begging to start Dark Star because I wanted to read all this superhero goodness since the YA world needs more superhero genre novels, which I am dying for.The novel itself is about main character Audrey Whitticomb who has grown up without a father, and has a mother who is the superhero Morning Star who defends Minneapolis. To make the story cooler, there is a superhot sidekick named Leon who has lately taken it to himself to constantly protect Audrey due to a series of deaths in teenage girls that are connected to Demons who are plotting something that is seriously not good. Dark Star had high expectations from me and not only did it meet them, it took a raygun, pointed it at my head and *boom* blew my freaking mind!If you read a lot of stuff from DC comics, then hopefully you know who Zatanna Zatara is? If you do then great! If you don’t, you’re on the internet right now so go ahead and Google her! Now that you are aware who Zatanna is, you know that she is full of power and that she is a part of a secret variety of people called the homo-magi. Now the main character Audrey was so much like Zatanna that I was freaking out. My comic side was having a field day with the comparisons between the two. Audrey is able to Know things and is part of a secret variety of people called the Kin who are all people from a long blood line and can do things that are considered impossible. Awesome-sauce? I think yes.The major thing about the novel that kept my attention wasn’t the superheroes, it wasn’t the side-kick, and it wasn’t the demons. It was the quality of the writing and the fact that every single part of the novel was full of twists, turns and oh so much anticipation. Every chapter of Dark Star was a mystery to me, everything was unpredictable and I loved it for that. Dark Star is a novel that ultimately expresses the battle between the forces of good and evil. Do I want a sequel? Of course!I would recommend this to fans of superheroes and comic books because seriously guys we live for this stuff. Fans of YA romance and of action will fall hard for Dark Star. Honestly, Dark Star was nothing short of mind-blowing, you won’t be disappointed.