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Undead - Kirsty McKay Imagine coming home from a school ski trip. Sounds pretty normal, right? Now imagine stopping at a diner for a quick bite to eat before continuing on home on the bus. Yup, still sounds pretty normal… Now imagine all your classmates and the teachers turning into the walking dead. ZOMBIES!This is exactly what happened to Bobby and her classmates. One minute she’s watching her classmates depart the bus leaving her time to use the bathroom on the bus, and the next minute, popular cheerleader chick, Alice, comes screaming out of the diner going on and on about people eating each other. Worse nightmare come to life, ever.With only a handful of classmates left, they are now left all alone needing to do what it takes to survive the onslaught of the horde. But zombies don’t seem to be the only things that this group of kids need to be wary of. And perhaps all that Bobby knew of her family is not what she thought it was…I wanted to love this book. I mean with that cover, I was sure that it would be everything I had hoped it would be when it came to zombie books. Sadly, something was lacking…or maybe there just a little bit too much of a good thing. Undead has some seriously funny parts. Genuine laugh out loud parts, but then after a while, it was too much. The funnies ended up not being as funny anymore. Maybe it’s just me…There are characters in Undead that are easily likeable and a joy to follow. And yet, there are others that I just hoped that a zombie would catch up to and bite. Then there would be no more talking coming from them, primarily Alice. I know, I know, she’s supposed to be your average high school queen bee, snobby, stuck up, everyone must worship the ground they walk on, etc. etc., but does she really need to start everything in French? Really? Seriously? Euh non, c’est très ennuyeux…Zombies are scary! We all know that. And yet, I found the zombies in the book a little lacking. Sure, they were frightening, but with the characters having the ability to thwart their every move, but simply “playing chicken” and by dodging (if you can dodge a zombie…you can dodge a ball), the fear of the zombie was just not as extreme.Everything was pretty predictable, right down to the cliff-hanger ending. Although I wanted to LOVE this story, I did find parts pretty enjoyable and still quite happy that I had the opportunity to read this one. As one who is #TeamZombie all the way, I have a hard time passing up a zombie book. I for one, am still happy that I read Undead, and fans of zombie reads will still get a kick out of the storyline.Now, can anyone tell me where to get a pair of those boots? Must have!