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Scorch - Gina Damico I didn’t realize how much I missed the characters in Croak until I started reading Scorch. It was like being reunited with old friends! I missed each and every single one of them; Lex, Driggs, Uncle Mort, Elysia, Ferbus, some of the local townies, and were also introduced to a few new characters that were a perfect fit!Scorch’s opening scene was dramatic, shocking, and was perfect. Dark, mysterious, and eye opening. It was at that point that I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that this second installment would be everything I hoped it would be.After Lex’s very short return to her home for her sister, Cordy’s funeral, Lex finds herself in her Uncle Mort’s car heading homebound towards Croak, with two new recruits in the backseats, Pip and Bang (both of whom I absolutely adored!). With Lex’s old crew welcoming her back with open arms, she’s hoping that returning to a life of doing what she knows best will help her deal with the guilt she has regarding Cordy’s death.But when Zara returns with a whole lotta vengeance, Lex and the gang finds themselves in a whole heap of trouble, with a capital T. The townsfolk lay all the blame on Lex and has basically placed a big ol’ X on her back as the target of everyone’s hate, especially with the help of Norwood and Heloise. But Norwood and Heloise have a hidden agenda of their own…to over throw Uncle Mort as Mayor and take over! I must say that both Norwood and Heloise were just the perfect amount of villain in this installment. I absolutely loved to hate them! They were even more evil and conniving as ever, and in Scorch, there were no holds barred.Suffice it to say, Lex and her friends (along with Uncle Mort) are forced to leave the town of Croak and are on the run from Zara. It is here that the crew end up in DeMyse, a psychedelic Las Vegas where all the cool Grims go to relax and chill out. But something doesn’t seem right in DeMyse and the Mayor, LeRoy. Not only does Lex need to figure out how to save herself and her friends from the wrath of Zara, but she is also on a mission. A mission to find The Wrong Book before Zara does, or all hell will break loose.Another fun and dark read from Gina Damico! Scorch was one that I couldn’t put down. Not only did I really enjoy the multiple twists and turns weaved into the book, but the interactions between the characters were even more enjoyable this time round. There were definitely plenty of “funny haha” moments that forced me to stop and re-read it to whoever would listen. The teenage lust between Lex and Driggs was made even more interesting to read with the blocking of Uncle Mort, who by the way, was even more cool this time round. He was by far, my most favorite character in Scorch. Headstrong and funny, Uncle Mort is someone that I was always looking forward to reading more about.There many sad moments in the book that truly brought out some of the emotional side in me, but count on Damico to lighten up the mood with some much needed humor. She is such a fantastic writer that I was flying through the pages, soaking everything up. As in Croak, Lex is still her cranky, angsty self, but in Scorch I felt as though there was less fire in her. I love the firecracker Lex, not the more emotional side of Lex. But, the ending left me with a hope that that firecracker will resurface…and that Lex will be even more badass than she already is.With secrets revealed and many shocking turn of events, fans of Croak will totally devour this second installment. I cannot WAIT to see what Damico has up her sleeve for the next book!