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Eve and Adam

Eve and Adam - What if you could create the perfect someone? The eyes you dream about, the lips, the body, and mind… What if was all possible with a few key strokes here and the click of a mouse? What if it was all made possible thanks to your mother’s research facility? Would you be able to play God?The story opens up in a way that immediately drew my attention. An aftermath of an accident told through the eyes of the victim, Evening Spiker. We see as she recalls her feelings of missing limbs, bones crunching, and the inevitable feeling of dying. But Evening (aka E.V. aka Eve) awakes from her hospital bed not at all dead to an argument between her mother, and her attending physician in the ER. Eve’s mother is adamant that Eve would be better off at her facility, in the Neurogenetics Pavilion.What starts off as a little project (Project Adam) to take away the boredom of being cooped up at Spike Biopharmaceuticals, Eve has been tasked by her mother to create her perfect someone, from the eyes right down to his toes. Everything physical , as well as his intelligence and his personality traits. With a little help from Eve’s best friend, Aislin, certain parts of the development process was fun to read and hilarious to watch unfold. But this was all just for fun, right? Adam isn’t supposed to be able to come to life, can he?It is from here that Eve learns some dark truths about her mother and her company, as well as the truth behind her father’s death all those years ago. All of this is brought to light by the hands of one of Eve’s mother’s little gopher boys, Solo. But Solo has his own hidden agenda which now seems to come to a crossroads after he becomes closer to Eve. All his hard work and planning has all come down to this one perfect moment, where he can chance everything…but will he be able to choose between vengeance or Eve?I don’t think I’ve ever read anything like Eve & Adam before. It was a refreshing stop away from the usual paranormal/supernatural books of late. I’ve always been intrigued with the idea of genetic creation. I mean, come one! I’m sure we’ve all been seeing it pop up on the news more now that back when we were younger. We hear about the creation of hearts and skin in petri dishes to be used in operations. Amazing! I’m sure we all remember Dolly, the cloned sheep!But I digress, Eve & Adam isn’t only a story about genetic creation/cloning whatever…it goes deeper than that. It goes behind the scenes of this great company. It talks about deceit, and dark secrets. It’s about facing the truth, or learning the truth even if the truth is one that you never even dreamed possible.The world created by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate is one where readers can easily find themselves completely immersed in. The characters are ones that won’t easily be forgotten, be they good or bad. I quite enjoyed the different characters in Eve & Adam, but I was hoping for more with a couple. I was hoping that Eve would be a more confident girl, but found her meek and timid at times. I for one am very curious what Adam looks like. To be able to stop traffic and have everyone gawking at your with just one look! He’s gotta be HOT with a capital H! I understand the best friend thing, and loyalties etc., etc. But time and time again, Aislin continued to disappointment me. Getting money from your best friend ($9000 to be exact) to bail out your drug dealer boyfriend from a gang of thugs should be a real eye opener. You would think that you learn from THAT mistake. But no…she continues on the same path, and Eve continuously runs to her side to bail her and her loser boyfriend, Maddox, out of trouble. I was already done with her after the second fiasco. And it annoyed me to no end that Eve didn’t just say…screw it! She’s got more patient than I do… And really, Aislin! Your boyfriend is in OR for a bullet shot to the stomach, and you start making goo goo eyes with Adam? Ugh…frustrating.And let me just say, that the fact that the mention of RANCID was in this book! That was a definite woot woot from me! Love Rancid. I’ve got friends who are in a Rancid Tribute band thingy so this part definitely made me smile. Don’t know who they are? Bring on the 90’s baby! Here’s one of my favorite songs from them:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhKHAopx7D0Suffice it to say, apart from a few character flaws (which definitely gave the characters their own individual personalities), Eve & Adam was a fantastic quick read that will open your eyes to the world of Science and scrambling to find just how dark the secrets in this book are.