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Pretty When She Kills: A Vampire Novel

Pretty When She Kills - Rhiannon Frater If you loved Pretty When She Dies, you are definitely going to love Pretty When She Kills. I, personally , loved it even more than the first. Probably because Amaliya seems more comfortable with her badassness, and because…you know…she and Cian are together. I love this couple! Seriously best undead couple ever!Pretty When She Kills pretty much picks up from where the first left off. Amal and Cian are together, Samantha is still coming to grips with the end of her engagement with Cian and is now dating Jeff, Innocente and Sergio have been inducted into the Vampire Hunter’s guild thing, and the other vampire Masters are wanting Amaliya for their very own, since new shad leaked out that the Summoner is dead and gone, and Amaliya is the new baddie to have on their side.Amaliya is still trying to learn exactly how her gift of necromancy works and learn how to harness her powers. But it looks like there’s a new kid on the block who shares the same powers as Amaliya. And she’s been in contact with her grandmother begging for help, and warning them that Amaliya is in trouble.Rachon, sister to Cian via their creator, the Summoner, has been requesting a meeting with both Cian and Amaliya to discuss a potential pact, to keep Amal safe and to keep Austin in Cian’s hands. But is that really what Rachon wants? Or does she have something else more sinister up her sleeve…Let me start off by saying…holy plot twists! Pretty When She Kills is full of twists and turns that you definitely do not see coming. Once you think that everything is on the table, and there can no longer be any more surprises…BAM! Rhiannon Frater throws in another, and another, AND ANOTHER! It was such a thrill ride, and I loved every minute of it.The characters are still as lovable as in the first installment, and what I loved most was the very Buffy-esque theme. A few Buffy innuendos thrown into the mix, with some specific name calling. Jeff is now dubbed Giles, Samantha has considered herself as Buffy, we’re introduced to a new coyote shifter named Eduardo who reminds me of a more badass Oz. We’re also introduced to a pretty powerful witch with a Willow/Tara feel to it. I could keep going, but suffice it to say, it was this little this coincidence that had me falling even harder for this phenomenal cast of characters.We are also introduced to Bianca, a newly born vampire who seems to have the same powers as Amaliya since…ya know…the Summoner created them both and seemed to have infused them both with the same gift. We also get to see a whole new cast of characters and watch the parts they play in this game of chess. Among them is a Vampire Hunter/Bounty Hunter named Ethan who is one dude you don’t want to mess around with. I love how you as you’re reading, you’re constantly wondering whether he’s on Team Good or if he’s batting for Team Not so Good.The writing and world building in Pretty When She Kills surpasses that of its predecessor and has left me craving the next installment, Pretty When She Destroys…which I am in need of ASAP! I can’t get enough of this storyline, and need to know what will happen with this Scooby gang. And let me just say, as a side note, that I loved the World of Warcraft (WoW) tidbit thrown in. I say this because, Rhiannon Frater mentions the whole “stopped playing WoW when it got too easy to level to 60”. A little secret about myself…I quit playing WoW when it got too easy to level to 80! Yes, I was a WoW addict…sshhhh…Fans of Rhiannon Frater will love the first two installments to this trilogy. Commonnnnn #3!