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Reflection (Reflection #1)

Reflection (Reflection #1) - Jessica Roberts This book touched my soul! Honestly! I loved this book so much. It captured my attention right from the beginning, and left me open mouthed and gaping for the next installment, Reaction, ASAP! It ended off at a great moment leaving me yearning for more.I loved the story of Heather and Nick. Reflection reminded me of a The Notebook type feeling…kinda sorta. It was a true love story that you get to watch unfold before your very eyes. The characters of Heather and Nick were real and raw, and there is absolutely no way that you won’t fall in love with either of them. Reflection played out like a movie in my mind. The role of Heather was played by Rachel McAdams, and Nick was played by Channing Tatum. Not like that will leave much relevance to the book for you, but just wanted to let you in on the scenes in my head.The story pretty much opens up with Heather waking up from a coma after being hit by a car, and is now rehashing her memories to her doctor, trying to discern fantasy / dreams from reality. It is with these memories that we are allowed a glimpse into Heather’s soul. We learn of her fears and apprehensions of leaving her small town and her best friend Creed towards a new life in College.We watch as Heather tries to adjust to College life, and her attempts in making new friends. We are introduced to many characters that provide the perfect backdrop to this love story. Among these new found friends, we also get to meet Nick Richards. Sexy, mysterious, sweet, gorgeous Nick. As I’m sure with many other readers of this book, I though Nick was a bit of a jerk in the beginning. What, with his all too sure of himself attitude, and his snappy remarks to fellow classmates. But underneath all of that, we find … dare I say… the perfect guy. I kid you not, I fell for Nick more and more with each passing page. I saw Nick through the Heather’s eyes, and I couldn’t help but feel how she felt. With Heather’s simple ways and adorable personality in contrast with Nicks quiet, more stand offish ways, these two individuals finding each other was really a wonderful thing to witness.The beautiful thing about Reflection is yes, we are aware that the tale being told by Heather is from her memories, but we get to watch this couple slowly come together and find love. After the darkness and sadness in their lives…there was love. And not only was there love, but we get to witness Heather fall in love all over again with the help of these memories. It was truly, a beautiful thing.Reflection brought out a lot of emotions in me. Happiness, sadness, heartbreak, worry… you name it, and I probably felt it. And with a story of rollercoaster of emotions, you know there’s gonna be tear jerking moment. Yup, that came for me. I mean, yes, I knew that it was coming from midway through the read, but I was so absorbed in the story that when it came, it still rocked me. And then author, Jessica Roberts, does what great authors do best…they leave it with a cliff hanger.I didn’t think that Reflection would affect me the way it did, but I would have to say that it is right up there for me alongside Pushing The Limits by Katie McGarry type read. This was a fantastic read! I need to know what’s going to happen next! I need to know where things will go from here!If you’re looking for a read that will make you smile as you read, pull at your heartstrings at just the right moments, looking for unforgettable characters that will easily find a way into your heart, don’t hesitate in grabbing a copy of Reflection by Jessica Roberts. You’ve got to read this one for yourself…