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The Truth about Lilly Barnes

The Truth about Lilly Barnes - Kimberly  Russell What a powerful read! I didn’t even realize how quickly I was reading this book. One minute I had just started, and the next minute I was done. I will admit that the opening scene in the book captured my attention, and the rest of the book held it.The Truth About Lilly Barnes by Kimberly Russell follows the struggles of, you guessed it, Lilly Barnes. Lilly has been planning her death. She has completely made up her mind, has found the way in which she wants to go, and plans on executing it after dinner…her last supper.But life throws a curve ball, and Lilly’s plans of death fall through. Instead of being dead, Lilly finds herself in a hospital, stomach pumped, and ready to be shipped off of to a treatment centre. It is at this centre that Lilly finally finds it in herself to come to grips with the reasons for her suicidal tendencies, and to lift her dark past off her shoulders and start to live.The Truth About Lilly Barnes was a wonderfully written book. Raw and to the point. The character of Lilly is one that I found to be so strong and brave, and extremely loveable. I wanted to gather her up in my arms and hug the crap out of her. She is truly an inspirational character…one that I am so glad to have been able to have had a chance to read about.Author, Kimberly Russell, does an amazing job of building the background of Lilly’s troubled life, as well as showing us this beautiful friendship that Lilly has with Buddy. I absolutely adored Buddy. My favorite part in the book was the description of how Lilly and Buddy study…where Lilly would study her books, and Buddy would study Lilly’s hair. It was so sweet and adorable, and made me smile. I was so glad that Lilly had someone like Buddy in her life.Although I pretty much figured out the reason for Lilly’s attempted suicide, it still didn’t deter me from reading this story, and watching everything unfold. I would make note that this is not a story for the faint of heart, or for the very young as there is descriptions of sexual assault. But aside from that, this is a story of strength, courage, and perseverance. It’s about accepting the cards life has drawn for you, and becoming a stronger individual because of it.I recommend this book for fans of a darker Contemporary read, for those looking for a quick read, and for those who are looking for stories that may change your life…or the way you look at life.