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Audrey's Guide to Witchcraft (Volume 1)

Audrey's Guide to Witchcraft - Jody Gehrman So the cover of this novel, totally creeped me out (and I mean that in a good way). I mean, that’s probably what had me very enticed to see what exactly is inside of the novel. Besides, the title had already caught my interest. If you came here expecting a total spell book, I’m afraid I’m going to have to break it to you that this is a YA novel with a bit of a spell book mixed in with it. Have you ever read such a thing? I don’t know, but I am aware that I for sure haven’t.Audrey’s Guide to Witchcraft takes place over a period of weeks in which main character Audrey Oliver finds her life flipped upside down. Her cousin (or is it her cousin?) shows up and alerts Audrey that her mother is back at the “convent” she grew up in. Right after that, we are quickly introduced to the mysterious world of witchcraft stuffed with secrecy, magic and a slightly psychopathic villain who seems to thrive on the dead. Literally.I have to admit that when I began reading the first few chapters, I was really enjoying the cast of characters. Audrey’s best friend not only made up words with funny meanings but is also a victim of bullying and I adored how Audrey was quick to defend her friend, which gave the main character something I personally felt I could relate to. Despite how whiney and, at times, annoying Audrey’s younger sister Meg was—I did enjoy the fact that she and Audrey were polar opposites. As for Sadie, the fact that she could erase memories and throw out spells like it was no big deal had me envious of all her power.Considering the fact that the novel was filled with recipes (that may or may not work), I found it very equivalent to the guide portion that I expected from the novel. For some of the spells, I am quite tempted to try them out myself just to see if maybe I am a part of the Clan. Who knows, maybe I can take on the evil villain Cormack.And since we are on the topic of the story’s main antagonist, let me start off by saying that he is necromancer. Necromancer. Yeah, like those people who can bring the dead back to life. Maybe it’s just me, but I expected this World of Warcraft type character, who can bring the dead back to life and inflict all sorts of tragedy on Audrey, should be wearing a terrifying suit of armor. While I didn’t exactly get what I was expecting, Cormack was still a definite force to be reckoned with. The fact that Cormack holds a dark secret that relates very close to Audrey had me going “OMG!” more than twice.Audrey’s Guide to Witchcraft is a laugh out loud type novel. It was straight up hilarious even with the fact that Audrey does end up with brains in her hair. I would recommend this novel to fans of the YA supernatural, readers who enjoy humorous reads, and people who want a novel that is full of mystery, secrets, action and eventually romance. With a main character who is practically Dark Phoenix (minus the being brought back from the dead part) from the X-men, what isn’t to love?