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Waking Storms (Lost Voices Trilogy Series #2)

Waking Storms - Sarah  Porter After the events that took place in author Sarah Porter’s novel Lost Voices, I was pumped to begin seeing what happens next in Luce’s new life as a mermaid. For those of you who haven’t read Lost Voices but for some reason are reading this review, not only am I telling you to go and pick up the first novel because it blew my mind, but you should leave this review and check out the review of Lost Voices since this review will most likely have potential spoilers. Now, since I’m assuming that most people have read Lost Voices, you know that the story left off with Luce having just sunk the Dear Melissa and saved that boy from drowning.Well guys, I don’t know if you expected him to have a major purpose in the plot, but that boy who she saved is named Dorian, and Dorian wanted revenge. Who wouldn’t? Mermaids murdered his parents. Luce’s song is haunting his mind. So…Dorian ends up finding ways to speak with Luce and once they begin to communicate a romance blooms between the two characters. You heard me right: Romance. Romance is the one thing that Lost Voice lacked and Waking Storms was just about dripping with it. The one thing that I feel I should mention is that I know most novels mention that a simple kiss is full of lightening and fireworks and stuff, I think that Waking Storms had some of the most accurate descriptions. So for girls who haven’t had their first kiss or something, Waking Storms will hopefully tell you what it’s actually like and for that I give Sarah Porter props.Though despite the romance that took place in the novel, there was a medley of new concepts being added into the story. One of the most important being the fact that humans have begun to discover the existence of mermaids and are searching for evidence and a way to stop the mermaids from killing. Enter Dorian again who gives us insight into the way that the FBI have been searching for survivors from mermaid attacks to give them supporting evidence and maybe even help. That being said, chapters switched between the POV’s of Luce and Dorian and I have to say that I really enjoyed it.Waking Storms is full of twists, turns, and forewarnings. It introduced new characters into the plot and new aspects to the existence of mermaids. Considering that the end of the novel was as gruesome as a Saw movie and had me dying for the next installment in the series, Waking Storms met my expectations. I would recommend this novel to fans of the previous Lost Voices novel, fantasy, and mermaid lore.