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Fated (Soul Seekers Series #1)

Fated (Soul Seekers Series #1) - I’ve been a big fan of Alyson Noël since I got into reading in the YA scene. Her Immortals series enchanted me and if you haven’t read the novels yet, I highly recommend them. With the fact that I read the Immortals series and the Radiance novels, I assumed that (despite being set in another world entirely) Fated would have characters similar to the ones that were introduced in Noël’s other works. So, you can imagine my surprise when I found out that almost all of the characters in Fated were brand new!I really want to mention the index at the beginning of the novel, before we even get into our plot. Fated has a little chart (others call it a glossary, I call it a chart. Deal with it) that shows the definitions of every single spirit animal that Daire Santos encounters in the story.Now we have our main character Daire Santos whose lived with her mother all her life since her Dad died before Daire’s birth. Some of you might think that that’s nothing—but Daire’s also travelled the world since her mother is a Hollywood make-up artist. Because of this, we are thrown into the story when Daire is making out with a teen heartthrob (#jealous….) and ends up encountering the “glowing ones” who are beings that only Daire can see. Then they force Daire to see really disturbing things, which causes her to act out and force doctors to believe that she has gone, to put it bluntly, insane. But, instead of being sent to a psychiatric hospital, Daire is sent to her Grandmother in Enchanted, New Mexico where she learns that she is a Soul Seeker. Her Grandmother, Paloma, then forces Daire to learn how to be the best Soul Seeker she can possibly be.As if you can’t top that plot, there’s also the fact that Daire has been having dreams about two boys with gorgeous blue eyes and how one of them wants to kill her while she falls in love with the other. No big deal right? Wrong. These guys are real…Cade and Dace are their names and throughout the story we are unsure what their motives truly are. All we know is that Cade is the bad guy and Dace’s intentions are unknown despite his sweet pacifist façade.Personally, I loved the very spiritual portion of the story. It made it seem very genuine and of course, gave more food for thought. Earlier in the review, I mentioned Daire seeing disturbing things, and the one thing that I found different compared to Immortals/Radiance is that Alyson Noël gave a lot more gory details in the story. I liked it . I felt that it made the story creepier and more realistic in an “oh my god what happens next?” sense.Another series that I will have to keep updated with, I would recommend Fated to fans of Alyson Noël, the paranormal, and readers who want to try to read something that will rock their socks off. Yeah. I just said that…