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The Last Bastion of the Living: A Futuristic Zombie Novel

The Last Bastion of the Living: A Futuristic Zombie Novel - Rhiannon Frater This book was just…WOW! With it being the writing of author, Rhinannon Frater, I knew that this was going to be an amazing read, but I didn’t expect The Last Bastion of the Living to be this amazing. Action packed and full of emotion, The Last Bastion of the Living did not disappoint.The book starts off completely full of action and with zombies. From that point, I was already hooked, and I didn’t want to look back. I was ready to fully immerse myself into this world of death, fear, and lost hope.The writing style of Rhiannon Frater is one that you won’t soon forget. Every detail described, every secret divulged brought me deeper and deeper into this Dystopian world riddled with zombies. The pages, the images, everything played out in my mind like a well-orchestrated movie. Everything from the conversations between the characters, to the action sequence scenes…everything flowed together in perfection.The book flips back and forth between main protagonist, Vanguard Maria Martinez and her boyfriend, Dwayne Reichardt. Both soldiers in the Bastion Constabulary, they are both hoping that the government for whom they fight for will one day be successful in ridding the world of the Inferi Scourge that plagues the world outside of The Bastion, the last remaining human civilization. With the threat of the depletion of their food storage, the government attempts another push at eliminating the Inferi Scourge, and reclaiming what was once theirs.Maria is selected as a primary candidate for a secret operation, along with 40 others, who are given an altered variation of the Inferi Scourge virus – making them the very things that they are trained to kill, but without the yearning need to bite and infect. From this point on, everything is go-go-go! Chock full of non-stop action, unbelievable twists and turns, and an ending that will leave you breathless.A must read for any zombie fan, Rhiannon Frater’s The Last Bastion of the Living: A Futuristic Zombie Novel is a book that you will keep you on your toes, take you on an emotional ride, and will be a read that you won’t soon forget.