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This Is Not a Test

This is Not a Test - Courtney Summers This book was amazing! I devoured this book. Totally and completely ate it up! Action, suspense, fear, hope…ahhh! All of that and then some has made this book tops on my list of must reads! Courtney Summers has done a fantastic job of depicting what a zombie apocalypse would be like as a teenager…having no one else to rely on but yourself, and finding the strength to trust the survivors that you are with.I would say that This Is Not A Test would not be suitable for the faint of heart. There are vivid descriptions of the death and carnage left by the infected, along with the language that would accompany that. With that being said, this book was all sorts of awesome!Told in the eyes of main character, Sloane Price, we are thrown into a world of death and lost hope. Together with five other high school peers, Grace, Trace, Harrison, Rhys, and Cary, these five teenagers fight to survive in their high school hoping that soon, help will come for them.Coming from a life full of abuse by the hand of her father, and dealing with being left and abandoned by her sister, Lily, Sloane is not only trying to survive the onslaught of the infested, but she also has to struggle with her inner demons and dealing with thoughts of suicide, and trying to survive the trauma caused by her father.This Is Not A Test has all the elements that a good story should have. A jerk that everyone loves to despise, the annoying cry-baby that really is useless but wouldn’t be the same without them, the potential for love during an apocalypse, different emotions that are found all throughout the book, suspense, the element of fear, and of course the possibility of hope. This Is Not A Test is one rollercoaster ride that is seriously worth the wait.I was overcome with so many different emotions! I found myself scared at just the right moments, teary eyed at various points, happy for what may come. There were a few times where my heart was literally breaking. With the various twists that come up in the story, there really is no time to pause and reflect. There is always something happening! Always something to do…a decision to make.I honestly felt like I was right there with this group of teens. In the school, going through what they are going through…seeing what they’re seeing…smelling what they are smelling. These are not your average zombies. These are fast! No slow motion here. It was all go go go! Such a thrilling ride.Ending at a point where you aren’t really sure how things will end for these cast of characters, This Is Not A Test is a story that you won’t soon forget. It will leave you thinking of what could possibly happen next!Courtney Summers has easily become a new favorite author, and I can’t wait to see just what else she has in store for us. Grab a copy of This Is Not A Test, and get lost in a world where hope is almost lost, and all you have left to keep you going are your memories.