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Crazy Dangerous

Crazy Dangerous - Andrew Klavan Car chases, murder, and prophecies? I would describe Crazy Dangerous as a Nancy Drew type novel…but to the extreme! It was one wild rollercoaster ride that I was not ready to get off of yet. From the opening paragraph to the very end, Crazy Dangerous had my complete attention.Told primarily through the eyes of main character, Sam Hopkins, we are carried off to a world of mystery and truth. Sam Hopkins is your average teen…just trying to survive high school and feel accepted. As the son of a preacher, Sam feels that he has to work harder at being accepted by his peers since he is expected to act like a son of a preacher….always good, can do no wrong, etc., etc.Sam finds himself running every day in hopes to be able to be part of the track team next year. It’s during one his runs that he encounters the school bullies and known thieves and thugs Jeff Winger, Ed Polanski, and Harry Macintyre. It is at this point where we see just how brave Sam is. Even though the odds are totally against him (3 vs. 1) he punches Jeff. Did I expect Sam to get beaten to a bloody pulp? Of course! Did I think that would be the start of a crazy “friendship” between Sam and the three thugs? Not at all. Taking Sam under his wing, Jeff shows Sam the ropes of lock picking and the ins and outs of car theft.Knowing that nothing good can come out of this newly formed friendship, Sam realizes that he has to cut off all ties with this crew before it’s too late. How exactly is he going to do this? Enter Jennifer, a teen from Sam’s school who believes that demons are talking to her and telling her of upcoming doom. Blood, death…bodies everywhere. Sam chances upon Jennifer one evening. Being the white knight that he is, Sam takes it upon himself to protect Jennifer which in turn makes him a target. At this point, Sam finds himself involved in a murder and begins to believe Jennifer may, in fact, be a prophet.Andrew Klaven’s Crazy Dangerous was fantastic. I totally believed I was reading the story through the eyes of a teenage boy. Klaven’s description of the events that happened throughout the book had me completely immersed. I didn’t even want to blink, thinking that I would miss something. I, personally, was able to figure out what was going to happen midway through, but that didn’t stop me from continuing to read this fantastic book. There was so much that was going on in the pages that it felt like one of those perfectly executed movies.Fans of mysteries, action, and are looking for a hero need not look any further. Crazy Dangerous has it all, and perhaps a little sprinkle of magic. You won’t be disappointed.