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Saving You, Saving Me: You & Me Trilogy

Saving You, Saving Me - Kailin Gow I have no idea where to start with this review… I suppose that I can start it just by saying “amazing”. Everything about Saving You Saving Me was both adorable, deep and innovative. From the addictive start to the ending that had me dying for more, Saving You Saving Me definitely one of those novels that leaves readers thinking long after the story ends. For those of you who don’t know, the novel is about eighteen year old main character Sam Sullivan who is the perfect daughter. She’s a preacher’s daughter who is trying to balance her new career and family and is trying to forget her dark past. But as the story progresses, we learn that Sam’s life is far from perfect and that she will have to help Daggers, a boy she doesn’t know who has serious issues. And as the cute title says: She’s saving him, but he might be saving her in the process.Come on! If you don’t think that that has at least some serious cuteness then… why so serious? From the start of the novel, we are introduced not only to an awesome-sauce prologue, but also get introduced to Collins the perfect, sexy and attractive male lead character who manages to snag Sam’s heart from the awkward/cute moment that they meet. Personally, I found that as the story progresses it took nearly half of the novel for the story to include and introduce us to Daggers. I don’t want to say too much because this review is spoiler free so I will simply say that: Daggers has a past that some readers may or may not be able to connect with, but readers will have emotions stirring regardless.Something that I feel I should add into this review is that, while the novel is cute as heck and is romantic as ever. Lucky for all of us Saving You Saving Me is going to be a trilogy—and personally I cannot wait to read the sequel which will hopefully have more Collins, Sam, Daggers and romance. The one thing that some readers may be sensitive to and that is the slight (and I mean slight because it is pretty miniscule) mature content that was used in the story, most of the mature content being included in Daggers and Sam’s dark pasts. I would recommend this story to fans of YA contemporary and YA romance. Saving You Saving Me is a quick read that is definitely worth a try.