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Meeting Destiny (Destiny, #1)

Meeting Destiny (Destiny, #1) - Nancy Straight If you’re into emotional roller coasters and stories about love at first sight—then this is the read for you! I really wanted to start reading Meeting Destiny because I did something that most readers do: I judged a book by its cover and personally I find that it was a smart thing to do with this novel. The cover is just beautiful. Give me a minute to get it out of my system, but it’s just plain old gorgeous. I loved that it perfectly portrayed Lauren and that it also gave readers an easy way to imagine her. Also, have you noticed how pretty it is? Since I said it three times now, I’m just going to assume that you looked at the cover and noticed that I am correct: It’s pretty hot. Now back to the review!From the start of the novel, I found that the story would be pretty interesting, especially since the novel starts with a crime taking place! I’m not talking about a full blown shoot out/bank robbery, but it does start with a gunman who is threatening to rob the burger joint that our main character Lauren works at. However, after the gunman threatens to shoot a child, Lauren becomes heroic and takes the bullet herself. Totally awesome and it really got the story going. Have I forgotten to mention that because of this shooting, Lauren ends up meeting her “destiny” who comes in the form of Max (and because of that scene I will forever think of the song Glad You Came, because those exact three words are used in the story!).As the novel progressed, I started to feel that the story was beginning to pick up a quick pace; the one thing that I did find slightly unrealistic was that a few days after meeting each other, Max and Lauren were suddenly making out and becoming all romantic with each other. I understand that the two are soul mates and all, but real people in the real world… don’t just do that (I’m sure that there are a few people who do, but…you get my point). From what I saw in the novel, the character Seth was such a nuisance and was really clingy towards Lauren. Which could be both a turn on/off. As for the murder mystery that comes with the story, I found that during certain scenes, the story would lose my attention and send my mind wondering about other things (most of them being unexplained events in the novel).I would recommend this to fans of romance and soul mate stories as well as mystery. The ending was both captivating and was full of twists that I did not see coming…at all!