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PORTAL (Portal Chronicles Book One)

Portal - Imogen Rose Like most novels, I went into Portal completely blind. From the prologue I had assumed that I would love the novel to death, that I would read the story and instantly be in love. While I’m not sure if it met those expectations, I will admit that the prologue definitely sparked my interest. It starts with the main character Arizona’s mother seventeen years ago, at a bar where she ends up meeting a mysterious man in black who she ends up becoming infatuated with and ends up being told to find him “Two years ago”. What does that mean? Is that supposed to mean anything? Apparently, and during the novel the mystery of those three words are slowly unraveled. I feel that right now is a good point to just bring up my only complaint which was the dialogue (simply because everybody sounded like an apparent teenager and as a teenager myself I know that we sound nothing like the way we were perceived here).After the prologue came to a halt, we watch as the main character Arizona is thrown from one world to the next without any recognition of how. One minute she was with her Dad and the next she’s in the back seat of her Mother’s car in a world that she isn’t from. At first, I have to admit it was a bit funny when Arizona was assuming that the world around her was at first a dream and to be honest the way that the world was written made it seem very dreamlike at first. However, and I feel I should just bring this up now, there came a point in time when all of Arizona’s frightened emotions towards being in an entirely different dimension suddenly became… unrealistic (for lack of a better word). By that, I mean that when Arizona suddenly realizes that she’s living in the past with; a step-dad she doesn’t know, a brother who didn’t exist a few weeks ago and a no-longer-dead grandmother… she didn’t take action to find out what was going on considering that taking action was all she ever thought about. As the story progressed, the world that Arizona was living in was something of both a nightmare and a daydream. Mainly because, Arizona finds herself in a position where she is everything she wasn’t before she entered this dimension. But! She also ends up snagging herself a boyfriend. While the romance didn’t seem realistic enough for me, I will admit that it was very adorable; I just wish that her boyfriend (who will remain unnamed) wasn’t so protective. What I did find intriguing about the novel was the way that, despite being Arizona Stevens she ends up having slight memories of Arizona Darley, that was definitely something that I kept an eye open for.There were so many parts of the novel that stirred up emotions for me, especially the character Olivia a.k.a. Arizona’s mom. She was a character who had me biting the inside of my cheek and had me yelling at the book. Constantly, whenever there were chapters in her point of view… I was disappointed with how selfish of a mother she was. Not only does she drop everything and run for a guy who she doesn’t even know, but she ends up ruining the lives of her daughters so that she can spend life with said stranger and their illegitimate child. Not to mention, that when in romantic situations with said stranger (and she’s like 40) they would make-out in front of their children. Much like teenagers, which is kinda gross. She was definitely a character who I personally looked at as the main antagonist in the story.I would recommend this to fans of the sci-fi genre and fans of teen fiction. Fans of those genres will definitely want to pay Portal a visit.