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The Space Between

The Space Between - Brenna Yovanoff I have been waiting practically forever to read Brenna Yovanoff’s The Space Between. After finishing and reading The Replacement I couldn’t wait to see what she would write next. And just by saying that you know that I had sky high expectations. *waggles finger* Let me tell you that The Space Between was above and beyond! Everything about this novel was breathtakingly beautiful. For a story about a girl who has spent her whole life living in Hell and isn’t used to the things we feel and experience, I found the story adventurous and like I said beautiful. And I don’t mean beautiful “OMG the cover was beautiful” beautiful (not that it isn’t, just look at it *points upwards*) I mean “it was written perfectly and summoned so many emotions in me”, beautiful (it’s a type of beautiful, look it up). Anyhow, the novel started off with an intriguing prologue where the main character Daphne talks about her mother, Lilith, and how she had been with Adam and how her mother would rather die than be with somebody she doesn’t love. And how her mother met Daphne’s father a.k.a. Lucifer. Totally had me wanting more and obviously I continued reading, as the story progressed I did enjoy the idea that Daphne doesn’t understand love. To her it seemed like some sort of fantasy concept that does nothing but cause trouble, which is proven when her brother Obie leaves to be with some human girl he fell in love with. Despite how romantic that sounds, Obie ends up going missing and it’s up to Daphne to go on a quest to find out Obie’s whereabouts and save him. The only catch is that she needs the help of a human boy who is intent of killing himself.This human boy is Truman who I was already falling in love with. His tragic past and broken state made him seem dangerous and like he needed somebody to help hold him together and keep him from breaking into a million pieces. I have no clue why, but that just made him all the more irresistible. Not only was he acceptive of Daphne being a demon, but he was just there for her all throughout the novel in return for her saving his life. Not to mention that there were also chapters in his perspective, except that instead of having title names they were counting backwards…but to what? Nobody knows (well actually I know, but you get the point).As the novel continued I am proud to say that Azrael and Dark Dreadful had me scared skinless and breathing with a hand on my mouth. All the murders and deaths that took place through the story gave it a dark and gothic feel that gave me chills and the relationship between Truman and Daphne had my heart melting. But the best part is how the ending left streams of tears pouring down my cheeks. If you want something that will leave an impression, you must pick up a copy!