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Farsighted (Farsighted, #1)

Farsighted (Farsighted, #1) - Emlyn Chand This was such a good book, and I seriously think Emlyn Chand has a winner in her hands! I loved the way the descriptions in the book are what main character, Alex Kosmitoras, would be sensing since he is blind. As you progress through the novel, you can really tell that Chand took alot of time and effort in researching on what and how someone who is bling see's or would see things. Because of this, Chand did a fantastic job describing, in detail, how much more enhanced Alex's senses are due his blindness. To even go far as to having Alex snap his fingers to say "yes" shows just how even the little details made this story even more believeable. I will admit that I did find myself snapping my fingers right along side Alex when he would answer yes...don't ask me why, but I just did. This just proves how wrapped up I was in this story! There were points throughout the books where I felt sorry for Alex. His thoughts of how he thinks his dad feels about him... to see their interaction with each other. To see how he's treated at school because of his disability. My heart ached for him time and time again! I mean, seriously! What kind of person whould treat someone who's blind the way Alex was being treated at school. This was just one example of how powerful Chand's writing is. She puts so much emotion and personality into all her characters that you can't help but hate who you should hate, and love who you should love. Playing with the heart strings...well played Emlyn Chand...well played. I found it so interesting how Chand mixed in Alex's visions throughout the story. She gave just enough information in the visions that she made me want to read continuously to find out what was going to happen next! The little plot twists that she weaves in this tale leaves the reader wondering where this is all leading too, and how will she out do herself at the next twist. But she does accomplish it! Just when I thought I had the ending picked out and was ready to pat myself on the back, she twists it again and I'm guessing all over again. LOVED THAT! On of my favorite things about this books is the two (2) potential love interests for Alex, and seeing how he tries to deal with his feelings and understand them. I'm so used to seeing the love triangle formula as female + male + male, that seeing the male + female + female change was fun and refreshing! The buildup to thefinal showdown was perfectly executed. Once the action started, it was non-stop excitement! The way Chand incorporated all the character's abilities, and had them working together for the greater good was so interesting to read! The ending left off with a fantastic cliffhanger, which just screams "hurry up 2nd book", and it should be highly anticipated. I, for one, cannot WAIT to see what is in store for this cast of characters. Emlyn Chand promises to be an excellent writer and story teller with her ability to write attention grabbing storylines. It will be interesting to see what other plot twists she has up her sleeve.