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Lost in Time (Blue Blood Novels)

Lost in Time - Melissa  de la Cruz I have been patiently waiting, and waiting, and waiting for this book! Then I had to wait just a little bit more until Gabby finished with it. But then FINALLY (!) it was my turn (mwahahahhaha). Ok, enough of that. It didn't take long for me to get back into the groove of reading this series again. I was thrilled to be thrown back into the world of the Blue Bloods, of Jack and Schuyler, of Mimi, Oliver and Kingston, and to my total and complete delight, of Allegra, Charles, and Ben! The fact that we get to read about how things came to be between Allegra, Charles and Ben was one of my favorite aspects of this book. Melissa De La Cruz did NOT disappoint with the release of this installment. I read this book in little over a day. I couldn't tear my eyes away. The book oozes "unconditional love", and "sacrifice". We get to see the true forms of both Mimi and Jack as Azrael and Abbadon and ... we get to see an epic battle. Oh yes, epic battles were fought. What I also love about De La Cruz's writing style is how she jumps from scene to scene with every chapter. If the Blue Bloods were a television series (oh how I wish it were true...) each chapter would pretty much be an episode. With each chapter, we are shown what is going on with each group of characters, so you are never left in the dark about what is going on with a character. You are thrown from one unforgettable event into another. You are always left wanting to know more, to know what is going to happen next and with that, the need to plow ahead and forget about sleep so you can see what is going to occur. I loved that De La Cruz gave us a treat and allowed us to see the true strength of both Mimi and Jack Force as Abbadon and Azrael. Whether it's battling the demon's of Hell to survive, or coming face to face with consequences of bonds that were broken. As well, De La Cruz allows us access through the gates of Hell. Her descriptions of what her version of Hell is is so full of imagination and depth! I was able to visualize every detail of what the characters could see...even taste. You can see just how connected De La Cruz is with her characters. She has given them all so much life and personality that you can't help but love them all...even the ones you love to hate. And the men in this book...wow-zah! De La Cruz has made them all (yes...all!) so sweet, and romantic, and loveable, and soooo smexy. I mean, yes I did crush on most of them throughout the series, but in this one...it was all of them. Jack will always be my favorite, hands down...but all these boys got on board the romance train in this one. I recommend this book to all Blue Bloods fans. It is yet another great continuation of this addictive series that you just can't get enough of!