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A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall

A Little Something Different - Sandy   Hall

A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall WAS a little something different, and it was a whole lotta cute! I adored this story. You know how, when you’re reading a book that almost seems like you’re getting a glimpse of something awesome in the lives of the characters? Almost like you’re peeking into the window of their everyday lives, and witnessing something awesome unfold before your eyes. Yah guys, this is it. Not only do you get to see the story of Lea and Gabe slowly unravel through the eyes of their friends, but you get to see it through the eyes of an endless romantic teacher, a fellow student who can’t stand them, a Starbucks barista, a bench (weird right?), and a squirrel (omg a squirrel!). 14 different point of views, to tell you the truth. This really is something so unique and so worth the read.

Basically, A Little Something Different is the telling of a soon-to-be relationship through the eyes of the friends and people surrounding the “couple”, Lea and Gabe. Everyone can see (and I do mean everyone/everything) that there’s something happening between them. A little spark that needs some coaxing to ignite into a brilliant, beautiful flame.

There are points in the book when Lea and Gabe run into each other that it’s pretty serendipitous, and parts in the book where I just wanted to conk their heads together and tell them open up their eyes already!

There’s a little secret that Gabe has, and is kind of ashamed to divulge to others (aside from his close inner circle). And there’s points in the book where my heart went out to him! Seeing the difficulty he has at times in trying to communicate and have a conversation. And it’s because of this, he and Lea have their ups and downs.

I totally get where Lea is coming from! Mixed signals are so not fun, and the ones she gets from Gabe is frustrating. And I can understand Gabe’s frustrations with having to deal with his secret. How much he just wants things to appear “normal”, when in reality, they aren’t… and secrets such as this can make something so fragile (like the budding relationship between him and Lea) come crumbling down.

Okay, so what about this book caught my attention like instantly? Could it be the Buffy the Vampire Slayer quotes found in it (heck ya!) When the line from one of the songs sung in the “Once More With Feeling” episode came up, I admit I sang the words. Heck, I do that IRL (in my head, of course…unless I’m with someone who’s a Buffy nut too). How about the mention of one of my favorite movies of all time, 10 Things I Hate About You? Loved that movie! Maybe it’s the mention of another one of my “go to” movies when I need a good laugh, Mean Girls? (What up Kevin G) Or maybe it’s the mention of one of my favorite t.v. series, Glee?

There’s so many little awesome tidbits that surround the whole of this story, that it’s impossible not to love this book. I’d recommend A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall for fans of contemporary reads but are in the mood for something totally different, that will leave them smiling and hugging the book after reading it.

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