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The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski

The Edge of Never  - J.A. Redmerski

I adored everything about this book!  From the characters, to the plot, to the conversations and just the way the book was written.  There was very little that I didn’t enjoy about The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski.  I only wish that it didn’t end!

I was completely engrossed in the lives of main characters Camryn Bennet and Andrew Parrish.  The emotional rollercoaster ride that this read provided was so addictive, that as the end neared, I was getting even sadder because I knew my time with these awesome characters was coming to an end.

Camryn Bennet is still trying to get over all the tragic incidents that have happened in her life; the death of her boyfriend due to a car accident many months ago, the cheating boyfriend that she had shortly after, and the divorce of her parents.  With so many negative things that have happened to her in a short span of time, Camryn steps back and figures out that she needs to find herself again.  It’s at this point where she decides to have an adventure and take the road trip of her life…one that she will never forget.

Andrew Parrish is on his way to see his father who is dying from an inoperable brain tumor.  Rather than catching an airplane to get there faster, Andrew decides to travel via bus so that he can think about things before facing his father on his death bed.

But fate has its own plan, and has booked Camryn and Andrew on the same bus.  As these two collide, and as they grow closer together in a short time span, secrets are revealed (and some too late).  Their chance encounter heals them both in more ways than one, and allows them both to learn more about each other, and themselves.

The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski literally had me laughing out loud, and crying uncontrollably.  The characters of both Camryn and Andrew were so perfect for each other that I was completely hooked in watching the story unfold.  I would safely say that I lived, ate, and breathed this story.  After stepping away from it, I found myself longing to get back to the book and continue.

Andrew is one character that I fell head over heels in heart with.  His quirky attitude, his sexual appeal, his personality…in my head he was this sex god with the voice of an angel and tats.  The things that came out of that boys mouth seriously had me smirking through most of the book, and at times…blushing.   I absolutely adored the fact that deep down, inside this ultra-hot, sexy bad boy, there’s this sweet, caring, sensitive romantic that I wanted to for my very own.

I mean, come on!  How unbelievable romantic is the idea behind his tattoo???  The whole concept of it had me swooning all over the place.  And the sexy times?  Ya, I was feeling a little hot and bothered… phewwww!  *fans self*  Author, J.A. Redmerski sure knows how to write a hot scene.  Hot, sexy, sweet, romantic all rolled into one…seriously…

Fans of NA will fall in love with The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski.  If you’re looking for a book where you will find yourself falling in love with the lead male character, don’t hesitate in grabbing this book…just don’t forget your box of tissues!

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