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A Cold Legacy (The Madman’s Daughter #3) by Megan Shepherd

A Cold Legacy (Madman's Daughter) - Megan Shepherd

Ever since reading the first novel in author Meghan Shepherd’s The Madman’s Daughtertrilogy I have been in love with the eerie feeling that the novels gave off. The Madman’s Daughter was enough to have me hooked. With each novel borrowing characters and plot details from other novels like Frankenstein and The Island of Doctor Moreau. This series really does have everything: danger, romance, sci-fi. I’ve been eagerly anticipating the final novel in the trilogy and after having finished it I can say that this was an ending that I didn’t at all imagine for the trilogy.

A Cold Legacy takes place exactly where Her Dark Curiosity left off. Edward is on his death bed and Juliet along with the handful of people closest to her have escaped to the manor of one Elizabeth Von Stein. What first seems like a safe haven for Juliet and her companion quickly proves otherwise. There are corpses in the manor and a dark secret that Elizabeth has been keeping for far too long. The servants in the Von Stein mansion aren’t at all what they seem either. Jealousy and envy are closer to one’s heart than Juliet can even begin to know. When Elizabeth reveals her secrets to Juliet and Edward’s ailment begins to test his mortality it is made evident that things will never be the same again. Especially when Juliet learns just what secret Montgomery has been keeping from her about her father.

I have to admit that in comparison to the novels that came before it, A Cold Legacy wasn’t at all what I expected it to be. I imagined that it was going to be a novel with nothing but excitement and action and mystery around every corner.The Madman’s Daughter was a novel that was nothing but fast-pacing and mystery. I was surprised to find that A Cold Legacy wasn’t as easy to breeze through as the other novels. The pacing felt awkward and a lot of the time something totally jaw-dropping would happen and then nothing but filler would follow afterward. Even the potential action from Elizabeth’s secret and Edward’s fate were dulled down because of this inconsistent pacing.

The character development in A Cold Legacy definitely shows in comparison to the first novel. Juliet is willing to do whatever it takes to finish a task. I don’t entirely believe that the development of certain characters was for the better. Especially for some characters who changed in a way that felt more like regression. A couple of characters seem to lose their innocence but no in a way that is beneficial to them or the plot. I was hoping that the characters who we have grown attached to in the novel would come out of the story with their beliefs intact.

I did like finally uncovering the truth behind Juliet’s father. That was a plot twist that I never saw coming and made me question a lot about the series. This was definitely a plot twist that readers who have gone through the past two novels will definitely enjoy this new discovery. With the series having finally reached its conclusion I have to say that I will miss Juliet and her twisted father’s science and hope to come back to the books sometime in the future.

I would recommend the Madman’s Daughter trilogy to readers who are fans of science fiction. Any readers who are big fans of dark re-tellings or just want a novel with an overall dark feel should also definitely give these books a read. Readers who like love-triangles, nineteenth century London, and mystery will also enjoy these books.

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