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How I Lost You by Janet Gurtler

How I Lost You - Janet Gurtler

Ever since I first saw How I Lost You by Janet Gurtler I was dying to get reading. As a teen girl who knows what it’s like to lose a person that you call your best friend I was so excited to get to read a YA contemporary novel that I could relate to deeply. Right from the first chapter to the last page I was hooked on How I Lost You and couldn’t put the book down.

How I Lost You tells the story of how Grace and Kya’s friendship falls apart. Grace and Kya have been best friends ever since they were both kids and both believe in putting each other before everything.  The two girls are complete opposites. Kya is reckless and impulsive and the girl everybody wants. Grace is nothing like Kya and she’s one of the only people who knows what’s happened to Kya that has driven her to be the way she is. Together Kya and Grace do things that Grace probably wouldn’t do on her own, but with Kya these daring things are fun and harmless.

However lately Kya has begun to take things to new extremes. She’s in a fight with their best friend James, abusing substances, involving herself with guys who aren’t the nicest and has been unknowingly sabotaging her career in paintball. Just as Grace and new guy Levi begin to find chemistry Kya grow dangerously reckless. Grace finds herself coming to her friend’s rescue more and more often and constantly makes up excuses to justify Kya’s actions. In the end Grace will need to choose between what she wants and her friendship with her best friend.

How I Lost You is one of those reads that gets you emotional. Janet Gurtler’s writing pulled so many emotions out of me ranging from sadness to extreme joy to fury. I’ve never yelled so much at a book in my life, there were instances where I would have to put the book down and control myself before I could start reading without furiously yelling at certain characters. The scenes and the secrets and the perfect way that How I Lost You was written all brought the plot to life and made it feel insanely realistic.

Right from the start I could see some of the kinks in Kya and Grace’s relationship and also noticed how most of the things that Kya would do that were considerably ‘bad’ left Grace with excuses to make to cover for her. The biggest excuse of all being what happened to Kya when she was younger. I liked getting to watch Kya and Grace’s relationship fall apart and I don’t mean that in the way it sounds, I mean that I enjoyed getting to watch the realistic way their relationship was built up and the heartbreaking way it was slowly torn apart. I could relate and got a bit teary eyed whenever Kya would do something to Grace that would hurt Grace more than Kya would notice.

I would recommend How I Lost You to readers who are looking for a novel that shows friendships that don’t have to necessarily last forever, readers who are looking for an emotional and heartbreaking read and to readers who want a novel they will be addicted to. I couldn’t put How I Lost You down and I loved every moment reading.

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