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Hover by Melissa West

Hover  - Melissa  West

After reading author Melissa West’s Gravity, the first novel in her the Taking series, I was super excited to find out what would happen next to main character Ari Alexander. From how Gravityleft off (Spoilers ahead so if you haven’t read the first book I request you check it out and leave now) Ari and thousands of other survivors ended up on Loge in hopes of survival from the neurotoxin that almost killed all of them.

Now Ari and Jackson are both trying to find a way to survive on Loge. Zeus is using the human survivors on Loge as slaves who will fight against their own planet. Zeus is desperate to find a way to save both his people and Loge. What Ari discovers is that Zeus has a wicked plan in mind that will save Loge and that there are a small band of his own that are willing to turn the tables on him. Then there’s the matter of her emotions toward Jackson a.k.a. Zeus’s grandson.

Are and Jackson both grow closer together, accepting that there is something between them both but that they may or may not be able to act on it. Zeus’s eerie attitude toward Ari has dark consequences, ones that make Ari more willing than ever to stand against him and free the humans on Loge. However as the time to face off against Zeus and his men grows closer, Ari begins to wonder if there’s anybody on Loge who can be trusted. The stakes are raised, one wrong move could mean the end and Ari has got everything to lose.

Compared to Gravity I definitely loved Hover a ton more. It was everything thatGravity wasn’t for me. It was fast paced, thrilling and kept me guessing a lot.Hover was exciting. Ari is stuck in a situation that I don’t think a lot of Gravity’s readers expected. She broke the rules on Earth, now she’s on an entirely different planet that’s dying acting as the last hope for the human survivors/slaves on the planet. Ari completely takes on a new role. She’s not justAri Alexander anymore she’s somebody with a ton of responsibility on her and is expected to fill some pretty big shoes. I really loved Ari’s character growth in the novel, it was great.

Another thing that readers who read Gravity know is that Ari and Jackson had this sort-of-romance going on. Personally, I really liked it in Gravity and was excited to see what would happen next for Ari and Jackson. In Hover the two of them do both continue with their sort-of-romance except it goes from being a sort-of-romance to a full on romance. The only problems they both face are how Jackson is on Loge and is Zeus’s grandson, Ari seems to be Zeus’s least favorite person (and his most despised) and Ari is supposed to lead a crucial role in the rebellion against him. Ari and Jackson both become this adorable pairing that both have to endure terrible things.

Hover takes everything to another level, I think that past readers will love this sequel and will enjoy the faced paced action and plot. There are so many unexpected twists and turns, things that I never expected to happen happened and after that cliff-hanger ending I know that whatever happens  to Ari next is going to be insane. I would recommend the Taking novels to fans of sci-fi, badass female protagonists and readers who want a series that will keep them guessing.

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