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Scorched by Mari Mancusi

Scorched - Mari Mancusi

Scorched by Mari Mancusi is a unique and addictive read that will have readers everywhere begging for a pet dragon.  I know I did!  Original, action packed, and full of emotion, Scorched is a book that has claimed a spot on my top Must Read books of all time.

Trinity Foxx’s life has been a rather difficult one for the past couple of years.  Still dealing with the sudden death of her mother, and jumping from foster home to foster home, Trin is finding life with her guardian, her grandfather, one that is pretty stressful.  Having to act older than she is, and assuming the role of an adult, Trinity has to deal with the bills and bill collectors thanks to her grandfather’s slowly dying dinosaur/fossil museum.

But rather than agree that times are indeed difficult, and spending is pretty impossible, Trin’s grandfather does something that is just.so.him.  He spends the money that Trinity got by pawning her mother’s emerald ring (her last memento that she had of her mother) on the purchase of an egg.  Not just any egg…no, no.  The last dragon egg.

So how does Trinity take the news that they are going to be homeless now because her delusional grandfather got scammed again?  Not too good.  Forcing her grandfather to leave her alone at the museum to close up, the realization of just how dire their situation is hits her and she breaks down.  But then she hears a voice…a voice that tries to comfort her.  Trinity is sure that she’s following in the footsteps of her mother who also heard voices, and the only way to get away from them was a shotgun shot to the head.  Is Trinity going crazy?

Enter Connor and Caleb.  Twins from…wait for it…the future.  200 years into the future to be exact.  Both have travelled back in time with the same objective.  To get the dragon egg and deal with Trinity.  Same target, different missions.

Connor has been sent to destroy the last dragon egg in order to deter the dragon apocalypse.  And in their history books, who is the person responsible for starting this apocalypse of fire and dragons?  Trinity.  Connor will stop at nothing to destroy the egg, even if it means having to destroy the most infamous bad buy of their past…Trinity.

Caleb, on the other hand, has been sent to also obtain the egg, but to also save Trinity.  The two are connected to each other and Caleb must try to convince Trinity to follow him to his people.  They believe that the dragons will be the ones who can save the world with their magical blood and unique abilities.  But there’s something not quite right, and finding out the truth may cost everyone their lives.

Hooked!  That’s what I was from the very first few pages of this book.  The writing style of author Mari Mancusi is one that easily captures the attention of the reader.  Broken down into 5 different parts, the slow build up to the epic ending is done masterfully.  Emotions run high when pasts are revisited and dark secrets are revealed.  I couldn’t help but feel exactly the way main character, Trinity Foxx, felt with her dealings with Connor and Caleb, and with her grandfather.  I too felt shame and anger after her grandfather’s purchase.  I was torn between the two brothers.  I didn’t know who to trust and who to hate, which is one of the things I loved about this book.  Everyone was suspicious in my eyes, and Mari Mancusi does a fantastic job in ensuring readers are conflicted with their emotions.

And the dragons!  OMG it was as if the author is writing from experience.  The descriptions of the dragons themselves was amazing as well as the details used to describe events from memories and events in the Netherworld.  This book had me yearning for a baby dragon of my own.  My feelings were flip flopping between whether dragons are good or bad, which again showed the amazing writing skills of this author.  But when Emmy, Trinity’s dragon, is given a voice of her own…I couldn’t resist.  Show me the destruction, show me the death and carnage and fire…I wanted my own little Emmy!

Fans of books involving dragons will fall in love with Scorched by Mari Mancusi.  If you’re looking for a new twist on the sci-fi genre which includes a splash of fantasy, this one’s for you.

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