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Review of Taken by Erin Bowman

Taken - Erin Bowman

I’ve been seeing Taken on a lot of Goodreads lists and have been meaning to start reading it sooner or later. There have been a lot of positive responses to the novel and the constant use of the word “heist” with barely any definition behind the word’s importance. As you can imagine I wanted to find out just what a heist is (since I don’t think it’s meant to reference illegal activity). By the time I started reading Taken by author Erin Bowman there was no way I was going to stop reading for two reasons: There are just way too many twists and the mystery behind the Heist is one I needed to solve.

Taken follows the life of main character seventeen year old Gray Weathersby who has grown up inside the village Claysoot. In this dystopian world, there are no men only teenage boys because when a boy turns eighteen he is Heisted; stolen away by an unknown force and never seen again. When Gray’s older brother Blaine is Heisted he discovers a secret that his entire family tried to keep from him… he isn’t just Blaine’s younger brother. He’s Blaine’s twin.

Gray is eighteen and hasn’t been Heisted and that fact forces Gray to question everything he has ever known about Claysoot’s way of life. With the girl he’s fallen in love with, Gray jumps over the wall that divides Claysoot from the unknown. All that’s known about the wall is that if you jump it, you’ll return dead. When Gray goes over the wall he finds himself saved by members of a city that owns real technology and is ruled by an evil man. Gray finds himself joining the rebellion in hopes of saving everything he has ever known, however the price of trying to bring justice to the broken world is high and could result in Gray’s death.

Usually when it comes to dystopia I find that eventually every novel usually shares the same plot as some other novel that I’ve read. Definitely not the case with Taken. It’s unique in every way, I found and I think that readers will enjoy how refreshing Taken is in comparison to most dystopia novels. Even the romance in the novel was unique, especially since it wasn’t in your face romance but instead the type of romance that makes you question it and makes you fall in love with the love shared between the two characters. Personally I loved the traditions that were made in Taken and that are found in the town of Claysoot, everything felt realistic (for a dystopia). However not every question is answered in Taken and I hope that the secrets will be answered in a sequel.

Gray is the type of character that I think will appeal to male readers as well as female readers. He goes off on a whim and doesn’t really think situations through. He’s emotional and he gets violent a lot. I think that out of all the male protagonists’ in the YA-verse Gray is definitely an addition to my top list of guy characters in general. I want more Gray and I want more romance. I want more broken hearts and I kinda want to re-read the novel at some point in time.  Ladies, you will totally fall in love with Gray I promise.

I’d recommend Taken to readers who are looking for a refreshing dystopia, readers who want a memorable main characters and fans of cliff-hangers and plot twists because Taken is just packed full of them.

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