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Endless Knight by Kresley Cole

Endless Knight  - Kresley Cole

If you haven’t read book 1, The Poison Princess, I really discourage you from reading anything in this review as it will spoil much of book 1.

O.M.G.!  This book!  I thought that book one in this series was amazing, but Endless Knight, book 2 in The Arcana Chronicles by Kresley Cole blew my mind!  Not only was continuation of the story completely addicting, but my heart was torn between two utterly drool worthy guys!  Death vs. Jack… Flip flop went my heart, over and over again!

Picking up from where The Poison Princess left off, Endless Knight opens up revealing the aftermath of the battle between Evie (aka – The Empress) and a seriously demented Aracana – The Hermit.  After witnessing the return of “The Red Witch” in this grizzly showdown in book one, we see the aftershock that such power and destruction will leave in its wake, specifically through the eyes of a non-Aracana (aka one delicious Jack Deveaux).

Dealing with an inner battle after seeing the truth about his “girlfriend”, Jack is on the fence as to whether or not he can or should trust Evie and the little group of Arcanas surrounding him.  And it’s through this inner turmoil that my heart cried out for poor Evie!  It’s not her fault that her part in this messed up game was chosen for her… And try as she might to prove to Jack that she’s still the same person, Jack sees a supernatural being that can destroy anyone and everything in its path.

As this crew of Arcanas make their way to find Evie’s grandmother, more obstacles get in the way of their main objective.  Not only do they need to go through parts riddled with zombies and insane cannibals, but there are other Arcana’s gunning for Evie now that she has killed and earned another mark, which would mean by killing Evie, they in turn, would get 2 marks.

And although Evie has decided that she does not want a part of this deadly game of kill or be killed all for a chance at immortality, the Arcana out there believe that she is up to her old ways, and cannot be trusted.

But the biggest obstacle in Evie’s way is Death.  With his ongoing obsession with her, Death will stop at nothing to capture The Empress (Evie) and claim her death for himself.  And when that meeting presents itself, Evie is thrown by the mixture of emotions she feels for this ultimate bad boy.  With dark secrets revealed, all that Evie believed gets thrown out of whack, and an unexpected alliance will determine her fate and the fate of those she holds dear.

Seriously you guys.  If you haven’t started this series, Do.Not.Hesitate!  Sheer brilliance is what this is.  I dove right in after the opening sentence, and it felt as though I had never left.  You know how when you start the next book in a series, and it takes a while to get back into the swing of things?  Characters needing to be reintroduced, plot slightly forgotten and needed to be re-explained… None of that required.  It was very easy to get back into the story and pick the story back up.

Although the story is one that I absolutely adore to pieces, the characters themselves are ones that really stick out in your mind.  With the “trust or not to trust” factor ebbed into your subconscious, I found myself questioning even the littlest of actions and words to decipher whether or not the intentions were sincere.  I loved that about this book!  Always on your toes.  And with the introduction of new characters, they are ones that you won’t forge also.  Author, Kresley Cole, has this way of giving her characters a breath of life that makes them all too real.  And don’t even get me started on the Death and Jack.

My heart alone was for Jack, until Death reveals some jaw dropping news.  His demeanor and words and smirks and eyebrow lifts…all of that combined created this character that I wanted all for myself.  As the story went on, he grew on me…and I didn’t’ want to shake him off.

I recommend Endless Knight to fans of book 1 in this series.  If you’re looking for a read that is unique, unforgettable and totally addicting, start this series and dive right into book 2.  You will fall head over heels in lust…and for which boy, I’ll leave that up to you… I am in dire need to the next book ASAP!  Argh the wait will be torture!

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