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Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken

Never Fade - Alexandra Bracken

I really enjoyed reading The Darkest Minds by author Alexandra Bracken, it was thrilling, exciting and (yay!) dystopia. From the way the novel ended I knew that its sequel would have to be something awesome, something that would literally blow my mind and leave me thinking “Whoa! That was great!” That being said I had some pretty high expectations for the novel and I am so happy to say that Never Fade went above and beyond them. It had everything that The Darkest Minds didn’t want was just brilliant, I cannot wait to find out what happens next.

In Never Fade, Ruby is now a part of the Children’s League—a vigilante group that is intent on bringing down the government. But being a part of the Children’s League has forced Ruby to use the abilities that come with her being an Orange constantly during the dangerous missions that the League sends her out on as Leader. Then Ruby discovers a secret, a secret that could change everything and forces her to attempt to leave the Children’s League.

Setting out across the country to find Liam, the boy Ruby used to love and the only person with crucial information on the disease that gave Ruby her abilities and killed hundreds of kids. This journey leads Roxy back to the people she once knew, the people she met in the League and to a discovery that can and will change everything.

Never Fade shows a lot of character development throughout the cast in the novel. Ruby is definitely the biggest character to undergo change. If you remember her from Darkest Minds she was a character who was far from the badass she evolves into in Never Fade. In Never Fade, Ruby knows what her powers as an Orange can do and she knows how to handle them, she knows how to fight, how to kick some serious butt and how to handle herself. There are a lot of hard decisions that Ruby has to face in Never Fade that leave her torn between who she has come to be and who she used to be, especially when she’s confronted with people from her past.  In short, Ruby’s character grows the way a character should in a sequel.

All of that being said there is a ton of more action in Never Fade ranging from top-secret missions to crazy battles against a Red. Never Fade was just dripping with action scene after action scene after thrilling pauses. The pacing is kept fast, fun and doesn’t overwhelm at all. I personally find that it made me enjoy Never Fade a lot more than I did the novel that came before it. Never Fadewas just intense and insane.  There are new threats and new concepts that are introduced into Never Fade that expand the Darkest Minds world. By the time you reach the ending you see the different reaches of life that characters come from and you see that the ending is a cliff-hanger that sets up for a crazy sequel (that I have inconceivably high expectations for).

The one thing I wish that Alexandra Bracken could stop doing is kill me with each book by completely destroying my heart. Her writing style and the way she gives such good insight into Ruby makes it so easy to grow attached to characters only for something (in some cases) tragic to happen that breaks my heart and leaves me feeling sad and empty and on the verge of tears. Readers who want a read that will do the above to you *whispers* this is a series for you.

 I would recommend The Darkest Minds and Never Fade to readers who read the first novel and loved it, readers who want a dystopic novel with superhuman elements and to readers who want a story that will keep them on the edge of their seat and addicted throughout. And by that ending ugh the ending that I loveyou’ll be just like me, dying for the third novel.

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