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Pull Down the Night by Nathan Kotecki

Pull Down the Night - Nathan Kotecki

When I first read The Suburban Strange by author Nathan Kotecki I had had mixed feelings about the book. It hadn’t really clicked well with me and in all honesty I was a bit hesitant to get reading due to my experiences with the last book. All in all, Pull Down The Night was exactly as I expected and, as with the first book in this series, left me with conflicted opinions.

In Pull Down The Night we get a new main character named Bruno instead of another story from Suburban Strange’s main character Celia’s point of view. Bruno is new in town and upon moving in he sees a mysterious girl who he can’t get out of his head. On his first day at Suburban High he and his brother are quickly transfixed by the Rosary; an elite group of beautiful, chic goths. Quickly Bruno and his brother are both pulled into the Rosary. In it? The gorgeous girl he saw: Celia.

Bruno finds himself falling for Celia, despite her boyfriend and the unrequited emotions, but things at Suburban High are quickly going downhill again. The ghost of a dead student is popping up all over the school, leaving their fellow students notes with locations to witness depression-inducing situations. Bruno discovers that there may be something not natural going on at Suburban High and that his abilities involving map-reading may be as unnatural as what’s occurring at his school. Bruno’s quickly swept up into the world of the Kind and Unkind, secrets are revealed and things will never be the same in the next installment to the Suburban Strange series.

I did enjoy Pull Down the Night more than I did The Suburban Strange, I liked the main character Bruno more than I did Celia. There were a lot of things aboutPull Down the Night that made me personally feel like it was the stronger novel out of the two. The writing felt more clear, the character interactions were a bit less forced feeling and the plot was more interesting than what was used in the Suburban Strange.

However, as with the novel before it, I did have a lot of issues with Pull Down the Night. The writing-style, I found, was very hard to get engaged by. It was always very stuffed with descriptions and Bruno’s thoughts and it all came off as very dull and endless. I would want to be thrown into the middle of a scene filled with action and there would be unnecessary paragraphs or sentances of detail that ruined the mood for me. This did take away from my experience with the novel.

The plot, while better and more thoughtful than the one in The Suburban Strange, but I did feel like there were many plot holes and things that didn’t make sense, requiring explanation. There are a lot of cool new things introduced into the Suburban Strange universe but still, lots of it didn’t make sense to me or seemed unnecessary. The novel’s main conflict was made unclear and the novel itself seemed very long and, again, over-detailed. I would recommend this series to fans of the YA supernatural, teen-fic and of thrilling reads.

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