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The Cellar by Natasha Preston

The Cellar - Natasha Preston

This book was like watching an episode of Law & Order: SVU (Special Victims Unit).  I honestly, could not tear myself away.  It was so intriguing to me to read the sides of the captor, the captive, and the effects of the abduction on family and loved ones.

The story revolves around sixteen year old Summer who adores her boyfriend, but also wants to be her own person…which is why she refused to have him walk with her to meet her friend.  Unfortunately for Summer, this is the night that crazyass Colin Brown aka Clover is on the hunt for his next perfect flower…Lily…and his search leads him to Summer.

Summer now has to learn how to live the crazy life that Clover wants to have in his cellar, and must somehow survive his irrational and erratic behavior that his caused him to kill others in cold blood.  But as time goes by, Summer’s hunger to get away is still strong, but she knows she can’t do it alone…but whom among her new “family” can she trust?  And will she survive long enough to even get a chance to try.

Lewis, Summer’s boyfriend, will stop at nothing to find the love of his life.  Even if it meant risking his own safety.  But will his frantic searches and wild ideas get him closer to finding Summer, alive?  Or will it all lead to a dead body that he can only pray doesn’t belong to his true love.

Tormented by his past, Colin/Clover’s goal is to have a perfect family.  And by that he means finding the perfect “flowers” to keep in his cellar and take care of.  But memories from his past and the pressures of the present take it’s toll and Clover must work even harder to keep the family, or will one wrong move risk everything he’s worked so hard to keep a secret.

Clover is oneeeeeeeeeeee crazy dude!  I could easily picture this creep in my mind as I was reading…and I was seriously freaking myself out!  The Cellar by Natasha Preston is easily a parent’s worst nightmare come to life.

As your reading, you know what’s going to happen.  But you can’t help but get caught up in the moment as the events occur.  My heart literally started to beat faster, and my hands were getting a little sweaty.  The way in which the fear and other emotions would easily come out in the writing was what made this a truly enjoyable read for me.

I just wish that more of Clover’s past was revealed.  I wanted to know why he was so f’d up!  We get little snippets here and there of what happened in his past, and just how messed up things were.  But there wasn’t enough details to give me a picture of what caused his downward spiral to cray cray town.

Fans of thriller type reads will really enjoy The Cellar by Natasha Preson.  I recommend reading it in the evening with very little light…set the ambiance and settle in for a great read.

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