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Invisibility by Andrea Cremer and David Levithan

Invisibility - Andrea Cremer, David Levithan

I have been looking forward to readingInvisibility by authors Andrea Cremer and David Levithan for such a long time. The first time I read what Invisibility was about I knew that I had to get started and that I would be in love. Surely enough by the time I finished the first chapter of the novel I sat down and said, “This is great!” because that’s exactly what it was: Great.

Invisibility is the story of main characters Stephen and Elizabeth. Stephen has lived his entire life invisible, unsure why, but positive that he’ll never know what it’s like to really be seen. Elizabeth has wanted to be invisible and moving to New York City could help her with that, but then Elizabeth does something that Stephen never expected. She sees him. Something that should be impossible since nobody, not even Stephen’s mother, has ever been able to see him.

The two quickly grow closer together, Stephen happy that somebody can see him and Elizabeth is delighted that she’s falling in love with him. Then the truth comes out and Elizabeth discovers that the boy she’s in love with can only be seen by her. Stephen and Elizabeth work together to find out the reason behind Stephen’s invisibility and if it can be removed. This leads Stephen and Elizabeth somewhere they never thought they would go before as they uncover the truth behind Stephen’s invisibility: It’s a curse.

The two characters discover that all is not what it seems. There are people who can create curses and there are people who can fight against them. The former are people like Stephen’s grandfather who is behind Stephen’s curse, the latter are people like Elizabeth who will do anything to save Stephen. As the two fall deeper in love and learn about this new state of reality new dangers are presented—ones that could mean the end of Stephen.

What I originally expected from Invisibility was a romance novel with one protagonist that was invisible. That was it. I thought this would be a contemporary novel and that at the end of the day, everybody would be living (mostly) normal lives. That is everything that Invisibility is not. Invisibility is a story that is packed with romance, action and magic. It absolutely blew my mind. I was thrown into a world unlike anything I’d ever been in before and found myself falling hard for the novel. By the time it ended all I wanted was more. Seriously, Invisibility is unique in every way.

The thing that I noticed right off the bat is that Invisibility is a novel that is insanely well written. It’s fantastic in that it gives all the details, it gives you feels and it crafts a story that you want to read. However that being said there are times when there is a detail overload that will make you pause for a minute and take a brief break before reading again. This would becoming a bit irritating at times, but it wasn’t anything that would become totally bothersome. Readers who do love a ton of details for building the world in their imagination will love this writing style however.

The romance in Invisibility does remind me a lot of the “love at first sight” concept, but it did help the story. I loved Stephen and Elizabeth and I loved the idea of being the only person who can see the person they love most. It sounds like it would create a strong relationship or something. Sure it sounds a bit weird, especially since Stephen struggles to remain in a physical sense, but I honestly couldn’t have cared less about weirdness. I loved Stephen and Elizabeth and am totally shipping the two of them *Que. the fangirling*.

I’d recommend Invisibility to readers that love well-written reads, readers who are looking for a novel that has romance and fantasy and to anybody who wants a novel that is original in almost every aspect.

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