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Ink (Paper Gods #1) by Amanda Sun

Ink - Amanda Sun

I’ve always been so fascinated with the Japanese culture and their beliefs.  I was so excited to start reading Ink by Amanda Sun and delve into this world.  What I did find in the pages of this book far exceeded my expectations.  I read it in one sitting, completely engrossed in this world created by author, Amanda Sun.  I mean, come on!  A world in which descendants of ancient gods live?  Awesome!

Katie finds herself living far away from the only home she’s known.  After the death of her mother, Katie is shipped off to Japan to live with her aunt while awaiting news from her grandparents as to whether or not they can gain custody of her.  Totally out of her element, Katie must now learn a new language, learn new customs and cultures, make new friends, and make a new life for herself.

Unfortunately for Katie, she finds herself as a fly on the wall and witnesses a pretty brutal break up.   Tomohiro (aka Yuu) is an arrogant, heartless ass hat, and Katie watches helplessly as he breaks a girls (Myu) heart…rumored to have cheated on her and knocked up another girl.  But underneath it all, Katie thinks she see’s something else in his eyes…a sadness…regret… But when Myu throws Yuu’s sketch book and his drawings scatter, the one that lands near Katie’s feet startles her.  The drawing moves…

Katie finds herself suddenly drawn to Yuu and everything he is and does.  She basically stalks him and does her darndest to get some answers for what she witness.  But Yuu isn’t very forth coming, and he does his best to intimidate her into leaving him alone.  But Katie being the stubborn, head strong girl that she is, continues with the questioning, and even joins the same Kendo team that Yuu is on… (stalker much).

But I guess Katie’s persistence pays off because the two of them get closer, and Katie finds out the mother of all secrets… Yuu has a connect with the Kami (ancient gods), and for reasons unknown to Katie, she seems to be a part of it too!  With Yuu’s powers (drawings coming to life) slowly getting out of control, Katie finds herself in between a battle between the Kami and the Yakuza.

I loooooooved this magical world created by Amanda Sun.  As I stated earlier, I had a difficult time tearing myself away from this book.  Everything about it sucked me in, and complete kept my attention.  The whole idea of these ancient gods living in the same world we do is so interesting.

The way in which the characters were one of the reasons I was so engrossed in this story.  Don’t even get me started on Yuu.  This sexy bad boy with the power to draw anything and have it become real!  Yum!  And what made him even more drool worthy was the sweet tender moments he has with Katie.  As much as a I love a sexy bad boy, it’s the softer side that always draws me in.  His little gestures, his words…ugh I fell for him so hard!  Add in his cocky attitude, and his intense desire to protect Katie, and I was swooning all over the place.

Let’s not forget about Juu.  This mysterious boy who is also vying for Katie’s attention.  There’s always something about the strong silent types, hey?  You know there’s gonna be one heck of a plot twist when they are silent.

Now Katie…oh Katie… Over all, I really did enjoy this character.  Her stubbornness grows on you.  But early on in the book, I felt as though she was in full on stalker mode.  She follows Yuu everywhere…without him knowing, so yes, stalkerish… He says leave me alone, which I guess translates in her head “I’m following you everywhere…”.  I completely understand that she is wanting answers to her questions about what she saw happen with his drawing, and she wants to understand more about the Kami but in the beginning, it was all questions all the time.  I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at her incessant questioning.  But at the end of the day, I really did like this character.  She brought on the excitement in the book.

I really, really loved the way in which the Japanese culture was incorporated in this book.  I learned so much and still yearn to learn more.  I loved the way in which Japanese words were used throughout the book, with specific words being used consistently.  I felt pretty proud of myself thinking that I was able to understand at least one or two words now thanks to this book.  And to help with the vocabulary, the author has provided a glossary of terms/words.  Thank goodness for that!

Fans interested in the ancient Japanese gods will devour this book!  If you’re looking for a book that will take you to another world where things are not as they seem, where danger lurks in the shadows, and are looking for a swoon worthy leading man, don’t hesitate in grabbing a copy of INK by Amanda Sun!

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